How to make DIY candles using decal paper + FAQ

How to make DIY candles using decal paper + FAQ

Good morning. Sunnyscopa.
How can I assist you today. Hi, What would be the best decal paper on candles? Will I end up burning the candle? Hmm.. Let me handle it for you. Hi, Today. We’ll be customizing candles,
which brings light in the dark. They are fascinating in many ways and perfect for special occasions So what would be the best detail paper
for candles and other special occasions. Can I light up a candle with a decal on it? We will now make your own personal candle
with a decal paper to find out. So what are some of the options for candles? There are a bunch of options actually. Laser decal paper Inkjet decal paper Film-free metallic decal paper Simply decorate your image on your computer
and print with an office laser or inkjet printer. You can either print color or black & white. So, first up edit the image and then print. If you are using inkjet decal paper,
make sure you spray coat afterwards. With laser decal, you don’t need to do so. Cut out the image. Immerse in warm water. Mount. And then you are done. Laser decals come with different film thickness
and material. General rule of thumb is that thicker films are easier to work with. Thinner films are harder to move around
and can easily tear apart. Also you might get a defect if the film shrivels. This is why premium decal paper is the easiest
to work with as the film is very thick. As far as the results go, there wasn’t much
difference between the products quality wise. So on candles, personally would go for laser standard
and laser premium to save the hassle. The metallic decals are perfect way to
express gold image on a candle. Edit. And print. Laminate twice. Firstly with the metallic film and remove. And secondly with the coating paper But this time wet before removing it. Cut and trim . Dip. Mount. And you have your product. Metallic decals will make your candles
look more opulent and unique. So am I allowed to light up the candle after mounting the decal? We will first light up the candle
and see how the candle changes. This is a candle with a laser decal after lighting up. As candle melts, the decal gets smaller,
which was just what we expected. Apart from little charring, no changes in odour or smoke as far as we can see. The decal also stays on. So have you now made up your mind? You can use DIY candles for just about everything; birthday parties, christening at a church,
romantic events and much more. For more questions, please contact Sunnyscopa. We will show you how it’s done.
Thank you.

11 thoughts on “How to make DIY candles using decal paper + FAQ

  1. Hi Sunnyscopa, this video is awesome! Just to confirm, do I need to use any glue when applying my gold foil decal on my candle? Or will this stick well with as is with water?

  2. hi! love this tutorial but i have a couple questions about doing the gold decal. firstly, do i print my images in plain white paper? then when i am to glue the gold paper down, does the gold side face the plain paper to go into the laminator?

  3. Wonderful vide!! one question please, how long does the waterslide paper need to dry on candles? I'm using inkjet printer

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