How to Make Decoupage Eggs : Plastic Decoupage Egg: Gluing on Paper

To cover our plastic egg, I’m going to use
a strip, to go around, and then a cap with a circle on top. Now, we’re going to, the,
the napkin comes in several layers, and you can peel off those layers. I’m actually going
to leave, there’s one more layer here. I’m going to leave one more layer for a more opaque
coverage to our egg, OK? And then you can start by putting glue all around, a good amount.
A nice white glue. If your glue is too thick, you can add a, you don’t want to use a thick
tacky glue. You want to use kind of a thin, a thinner white glue. And, if it’s too thick,
you can, you know, put some in a cup, and add a little water, and wipe your finger off.
OK. Now, our strip should be straight on the bottom. And then it’s OK if it’s a little
irregular on the top, because we don’t want a straight, straight cut on the top that will
show, that you know, that it’ll just stick out more. You can also, make some sort of
cuts along the top to also help with the contouring. And if you make the cuts a little bit curved,
you have a curvy design, you want to make the cuts a little bit curved. Just wrap the
napkin gently around, and cut it to fit. And then, take more glue on top, and with a very
moistened glue finger, go around the egg like this, pressing the napkin to the egg, all
the way around, and coat that nicely with glue. If you’re going to be covering the edge here
with a ribbon, you don’t have to be so picky about how close the napkin comes to the edge.
But if you’re putting, if, if that’s the design, if you’re covering the egg, than you want
to make sure that it, it comes down or even comes over this, and then we can, when it’s
dry, we can slice it off with a razor blade or a craft knife. Now, we’ll cover this top
of the egg, and you can cut a circle. You don’t want to cut a straight circle around,
kind of give it a little bit of rough edge, like this, make sure it’s going to cover.
And, again you can put a few cuts, because this is the most contoured area. So, some
cuts, kind of following the design of the napkin, and that will help it contour the
tip of the egg. OK. And then, just place that on, pat it on gently, and then add glue and
smooth the napkin down. And just repeat that with the other side. And you’ll let that dry until it’s completely
dried, and then we can add other decoration.

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