how to make  Cute Walnut OWLS?

how to make Cute Walnut OWLS?

hi everybody welcome to a new video of
walnut crafts today we are going to make an owl walnut and I’m super
excited to share my technique with you my name is Alale, I’m making video
every single week and share it with you here about hand crafts and illustration
if you are interested in new hand craft ideas so make sure you’re gonna
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are you ready? let’s get a started what we need is knife it’s better to find a
not sharp one sticker, i did change their color with acrylic but also gouache is a great option too! brush, wood glue, we need a
transparent one, colorful bead, walnut, button, ring for hanging the owls, so
breaking walnuts in half is not that complicated you think. first we need to find the
walnut bellybutton it’s a small hole that you can put your knife inside it
then put your knife inside the walnut belly-button and give a gentle pressure to
up and down, give more pressure and try to open the walnut shell after breaking
one or two walnuts you definitely become a professional and if you couldn’t break
it in half don’t be worried try another one you can
use the broken shell for another hand craft with a brush or a stick add wood glue to
half of the walnut shell. clean the extra glue and start adding
the wooden beads on glue parts you can use colorful bead or one single color
it’s all about your taste here I made both to help you decide that which one
is your favorite! now for making wings first cut your
sticker in half and bend it in half draw a shape of simple wing on a side and
then cut it very carefully based on the lines we wood glue, stick the wings on back
of the owl add two button for the eyes and stick smaller red bead instead of bird tip. then glue a ring to the back of the
walnut shell, if you want to hang it somewhere actually this step this
optional also instead of the ring, you can glue a magnet
then stick it to your refrigerator or a cabinet and here is the final
result I also added thin leather strap for hanging
the owls. thank you very much for watching my
video I hope you enjoyed it if you had any question please ask me in the
comment section I would be glad to see you here subscribe my channel and help
me to improve my art love you always see you next time

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