How to Make Custom T-Shirt Designs : How to Paint Designs for Custom T-Shirts

How to Make Custom T-Shirt Designs : How to Paint Designs for Custom T-Shirts

GRACE FRAGA: So, Chantelle is now finishing
painting the border, the lines that you drew with the marker. CHANTELLE TIBBS: Yeah, I
painted it. I decided to paint over it just to make it a little bit darker. You don’t
have to. GRACE FRAGA: But then you can paint it inside too. Can we paint a little orange
here maybe? CHANTELLE TIBBS: Yeah, if you’d like, we can do a little orange. GRACE FRAGA:
Just a little bit? Can I do it? CHANTELLE TIBBS: Yeah, of course. Okay, let’s see. GRACE
FRAGA: Great. So, you can have… CHANTELLE TIBBS: Where is that other brush? GRACE FRAGA:
…some color to you design with a little bit of orange, my favorite color and not Chantelle’s.
FRAGA: I’ll just paint it a little bit and–just a little bit of paint here with a little brush
and maybe his eye I can paint. CHANTELLE TIBBS: That’s a good dash. GRACE FRAGA: Yeah. CHANTELLE
TIBBS: Yeah. GRACE FRAGA: And then a little bit like–give him a little… CHANTELLE TIBBS:
That’s cool. That’s actually really cool. And you do the same on top too. GRACE FRAGA:
Yeah. How about here? It’s going to be different. See? There you go. CHANTELLE TIBBS: And that’s
cool. GRACE FRAGA: So, you just paint whatever design you want to do and there you go. We
have a little fishy now. Great. So… CHANTELLE TIBBS: Yeah, so take a guess what the next
step is? GRACE FRAGA: What is the next step? CHANTELLE TIBBS: Well, like you would do on
a plain T-shirt, we’re going to make sure this is dry so that we’re not… GRACE FRAGA:
Yes. CHANTELLE TIBBS: …cutting it and things are flying all over the place and paint is
splotching all over the place so we’ll make sure that we’re cutting–I’m sorry, that we’re
drying. GRACE FRAGA: Drying. First the drying then the cutting. CHANTELLE TIBBS: First the
drying and then the cutting. We’re getting a little too excited. So, we’re going to start
drying right now. GRACE FRAGA: Okay, great.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Custom T-Shirt Designs : How to Paint Designs for Custom T-Shirts

  1. can you tell me what the name of the colors that you use cuz i wana buy good colors that dose not move in washing 🙂

  2. I was painting a t-shirt in class and got it on my soccer top
    is it acrylic paint that would be used
    please reply because it is 2 days old

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