How to Make CORN with Polymer Clay

How to Make CORN with Polymer Clay

Hi there and welcome to today’s video where
I’ll be showing you how to make a corn on the cob or an ear of corn, whatever you want
to call it. This is an old model but I’ll be showing you
how I made it. So for this tutorial, you’ll need some green
polymer clay and some yellow, and I’m just going to start off by rolling the clay out. I’m going to make some basic leaf shapes with
my blade tool here. And moving on to the yellow clay, I’m going
to make like a flat sausage shape, it’s difficult to explain but I’m sure you’ll see what I’m
doing. And going back to my blade tool, I’m going
to make a series of very narrow lines with the yellow clay. And with each line, I’m just using my needle
tool to create some little indentations that should give the impression of corn once they’re
all added together in a line. This is then placed on the yellow ‘sausage’. And
I’ll repeat the process with the other lines of yellow clay. I’m sorry about the quality of light in this
video. If you watched my last video, you’ll know that I’ve been having some issues with
my neck so I’ve been really trying to perch myself in different positions, just to see
what works best really, but I think this particular set-up isn’t terribly good for quality of
lighting, so I’ll try and address that for the next one. It’s all learning, though. And
on to the next one. And that’s just placed on the yellow ‘sausage’. You might have to tinker around with them,
just so they sit nicely next to one another. And you’ll see that it’s looking a lot more
like corn now. It’s also known as maize, isn’t it, so, gosh,
there’ll be a few different tags on this video. So, now I’m going to place the corn onto one
of the leaves, and I’ll just need to shorten it so it fits nicely. And just tap those together. With another leaf, I’m just going to attach
that to the side and what I’m trying to do here is to create a wave to the clay so it
creates a nice little flourish. And
you might need to tinker around with this for a little while, I know I did! Just to neaten things off, I’m just adding
a little dot of clay at the top. So I’m going to bake my corn now, so you’ll
need to refer to your own brand of polymer clay’s baking instructions. And once it’s all baked and cooled, I’m just
going to add some Sculpey glaze, just to give a nice sheen to the corn. Two coats is always best. And if you wanted to, you could make your
corn into perhaps a brooch, so I’ve just got some fastenings here that I think I got from
eBay really cheaply and I’m using a two-part epoxy glue here, like Araldite if you’re in
the UK, and that will make it really secure. But you’ll need to allow about 24 hours for
it to dry properly. And there you have a brooch if you’d like
one, but of course you can use it just as a prop, really. This isn’t quite as detailed as my previous
model, really as I’m trying to avoid perching over my work too much as the moment, but you
can go as detailed as you like. Thanks very much for watching. I’ll be back soon, probably with another food
tutorial next time around, so, yep, I’ll see you soon. Bye bye.

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  1. Sorry for the quality of light on this one (I've explained why in the video) but I'm not sure why it's so blurry in places as it's pin-sharp in iMovie. Seems to be happening a lot and I can only think it's down to YouTube's processing. Maybe I'll investigate another camera at some point too.

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