How to Make Coke Can Rose – Valentines Day Gift

How to Make Coke Can Rose – Valentines Day Gift

In this video I’m going to show you how to make
a red rose, out of an empty Coke can. Start by using a knife and a pair of scissors to
cut the top and bottom off your Coke can and turn it into a flat sheet of tin. Be very careful not to cut yourself. You
might want to wear some safety gloves. Next we’re going to take the curl out of the tin by running it back
and forth over the edge of the table until it’s flat like this. Then using a marker pen, we’re going to draw
out the petals in a spiral pattern. It doesn’t have to be exact and it should look something like this. Next we’re going to use our scissors to cut out the template. We should end up with a pattern like this. Next we need to carefully start curling each petal in, one
at a time, from the centre of the spiral. You might need to fold the tin slightly
to get the next petal in line. The further around the spiral you get, the more rose like it should look. Keep going until you get to the last
petal. Fold and curl it into place. Then using your scissors, make a small snip in the bottom, then tuck it behind one of the
other petals to stop it all unrolling. Bend the petals over a little to open up the rose. And there we have it, our finished flower. Next we’re going to cut the stem out of the off cut of our
Coca Cola can, or you can use a new can if you prefer. It should look like this. Then using a hard edge like a metal ruler, fold the
stem all the way along to make it rigid. You might want to use a pair of pliers to do this. It should look like this. Next bend over the top and push the flower onto the stem. And there we have it our finished Coca Cola can rose flower. Try experimenting with different drinks cans for different colour roses. To watch the video showing you how to make the
light bulb vase also featured in this video click on the link at the top on the right hand side, or you
might like to take a look at some of my other videos. Have fun and as always, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Make Coke Can Rose – Valentines Day Gift

  1. I jokingly asked one of my best friends to a school dance and her response was "What and no flowers? Gosh Christine, get with it." so I made her that rose. She ended up being my "date" to the dance. 

  2. I'm a dislike. It is N-O-T NOT possible in my house. My mom cant cut metal and she doesn't want me to either.

  3. This cat has had some practice. The average joe or jane has no business handling razor edged metal and bending them in (this is a matter of opinion) lovely petal shapes. Seriously, I'd rather get a picture of a rose drawn in crayon than a metal shard rose. Should I cut my lovely nose upon smelling this rose, what would the reward be? Self administered plastic surgery? Needle and thread anyone? This was only interesting as a demonstration, please don't make your Mommies any tin can roses. Thank you and good day.

  4. Dude, can I say that you are a freaking genius! Who would ever think about this stuff? I love you're videos by the way!

  5. This is nice, I should make one for my mother, she's always sad on valentines because my dad hasn't given her anything since I was 4 and she would act as though my sister's roses are for her.

  6. Having watched many pp doing this in variations i much prefer yours as its quick and seems very simple. I am now going to try it for myself. thank you for showing this to me. 🙂

  7. baby it's beautiful I tried it and cut myself I cried a lot but it's will definitely work with a glove thank you so much my lovely friend

  8. Video went way to fast in the folding process. I like the way the stem and leaeve was added. Lots of practice drawing pattern was first problem I had and lots of practice needed 😀

  9. perfect as a gift for my Gf who is upset with me, I hope it works as an apology along with a apology letter and love letter

  10. Could you make a template for the pattern? It’s the Fibonacci sequence and as a result drawing the perfect ratio can be very difficult.

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