How to Make Coca Cola Fountain Machine from Cardboard at Home

How to Make Coca Cola Fountain Machine from Cardboard at Home

You will need 2 14×16 cm pieces of cardboard 1 16×28 cm piece of cardboard 1 14x28cm piece of cardboard with a 7x19cm piece cut out and 1 14x 28cm piece of cardboard Place the 14x28cm board on the right side of the machine, and lean the 16x28cm board against it, then glue them the the base, and then to eachother. Place the14x28cm board with a piece cut out up against the 16×28, with the protruding part facing the front of the machine and up off the ground. Glue that into place, then get a 19x9cm board, and wedge it into the open part of the cutout 14×28, facing inward. get a 5x19cm board, and place it against the 9×19, facing the front of the machine. Glue the 9×19 and 5×19 boards into place. Get a 5×16 board, and place it facedown, and lengthwise atop the upright 5×19. it should fit nicely in between the cutout 14×28, and the full 14×28. Glue into place. Cut a 9×19 hole into the 16×28 board, don’t forget that we are using centimeters. Cut a slot for the dollar bill to fit into, and cut a flap for the button. in case you don’t want to find your wallet and pull out a dollar to measure the US Dollar is 6.6cm wide, 15.5cm long, and 0.01cm thick. Also, don’t forget to be careful! Cut out some numbers for your machine, and glue them onto the the front of the board. Now, find a compass and set it to 1 and 1/2cm. and draw 12 circles on a new board (This is where you realize that this soda machine is actually legit.) If you don’t have a compass, just do the best you can to draw circles. Now, cut them all out using a box cutter, or any small, sharp knife, and make sure they all have holes in the very center of each one. Glue 3 of the discs together, twice. Place the disc stacks on a wooden dowel of about 12cm in length, Kebab style. and make sure 2cm of space is free on one side of the dowel and 1cm free on the other. Glue the disc stacks into place. Get a 9x8cm piece of cardstock, crafting paper, or very thin cardboard. shape it to resemble a cylinder. Glue the sides of the disc stacks, and wrap the cylindrical sheet of cardstock around the disc sheets very carefully. Use electrical tape (for it’s rubbery/grippy exterior) and tape around the outside of the cardstock. Tweak a rubber band around once, to make 2 loops, and wrap it around the cardstock. Do this 3 times, for the bottom, middle and top. Repeat everything from 2:05 again to make a second rubber roller. Get 4 pieces of wood, about 8cm long, and poke holes 2cm apart in 2 of them. Place the dowels of the rubber rollers into the holes on both perforated pieces of wood. Glue the remaining pieces of wood onto the sides of the perforated wood pieces. Make 8 more discs, and glue 2 of them together 4 times. make another 2 cylinders out of 2 1x6cm piece of cardstock, and glue them each in between 2 of the new disc stacks. then wrap them in electrical tape. place each small roller on the free ends of the dowels, and glue them in place. Glue a small, electric motor to one of the long pieces of wood, with the cog positioned parallel to the small rollers, to make the base of a mechanical array. Stretch a rubber band around the motor’s cog, and the small roller closest to the motor. Wrap a rubber band around the closest small roller to the motor, and take one end, tweak it around once, and wrap the new loop around the farthest small roller from the motor. ie, the roller with no rubber band around it. Glue a metal contact switch midway onto the piece of wood with the motor on it, so that the longest part is behind the large rollers, and will trigger once a bill is passed through. Make sure you know how to hook the electrical mechanisms up together, and test the bill roller. Get a soda cap, and poke 1 small hole, and 1 slightly larger hole in it. Get a long, thick tube (For the liquid to travel the cup) and a short, thin tube (For the air output from the vaccum) poke them through the holes, with the cap being halfway down each tube. Get a small vaccum, a D battery and chorded cap for it. twist the 2 positive ends together, and snap the battery cap onto the D battery. Place the long and short tubes into a soda bottle of your choice, and screw the cap on to secure and seal the tubes. Hook up the vaccum to the thin, short tube, and place the long thick tube into a cup. Touch the 2 negative wires together to create a Closed Circuit. the power should activate the vaccum, and the air pressure difference caused by the vaccum’s output will cause liquid to travel through the long tube, and into the cup. Drill a hole in the 5x16cm board for the long, thick tube to fit into. Get a set of positive and negative contact switches and hook the positive switch to the negative wire of the vaccum, the positive wire of the motor to the negative wire of the battery cap, the negative wire of the motor to the positive wire on the roller contact switch the negative wire of the roller contact switch to the positive wire connection between the battery cap and the vaccum, and the separate negative contact switch to the place of contact between the positive wire of the motor, and the negative wire of the battery cap. Glue the bill roller with small rollers and motor facing upright on the 16x28cm board, and set the vaccum next to it on the 5×16. Run the separate contact switches under the bill roller and out the front of your machine, then get out your machine’s front board, and glue the positive separate contact switch to the part of the flap that connects the button to the board. Tweak the negative separate contact switch in a stepped fashion, so that when you glue it to the board, just above the button, the 2 contact switches will not touch until the button is pressed. Glue the negative contact switch just above the button. Glue on your machine’s front board, and place the soda bottle with the tubes into the open space in the back of the machine. Hook up the thin tube to the vaccum, and run the thick tube through the hole in the 5×16. place the second 14×16 board atop the machine, but don’t glue it as you will want to resupply your soda machine later on. The functional parts of the soda machine are finished. you may now adorn your soda machine with artwork and logos, or perhaps even more glue if you wish? Now it’s time to take that well earned sip of soda. place a cup in the niche under the 5×16, and insert a dollar into the bill slot. Don’t try pressing the button until after you have done this, soda machines don’t work like that. After you have inserted a dollar (or object of comparable size and mass) you may press the button, and the machine will dispense the drink contained in the bottle inside the machine. Well done! You’ve made a soda machine!

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