How to Make CARBON FIBER Gemstones | Epoxy Resin Art

How to Make CARBON FIBER Gemstones | Epoxy Resin Art

I’m using a selection of carbon fiber
splinters which will be embedded in resin to create the gems. the molds are
3d printed from Sainsmart TPU. this filament doesn’t stick very well to
resin anyways but I am also adding some PVA release to ensure that there are no
adhesion issues. the carbon fiber splinters have been
sorted by size and type. I have some woven and non-woven pieces to choose
from. these splinters are extremely sharp before they’re embedded in resin so they
must be handled carefully. I’ve mixed up a small batch of table top epoxy by Pro
marine supplies. this resin is very clear so it will be good for creating the
gemstones. and I’m adding some of that into each of the molds I’ve lightly heated this with a heat gun
to remove excess bubbles. I’m adding a selection of the splinters into the resin before it cures. I have some time to work with this so I’m choosing my
placement carefully and moving things around until it begins to form a
landmass sort of shape in the bottom of the first mold. for the second mold I’m arranging the
splinters all the way around the outside edge and leaving the center clear. I allowed the epoxy to set up before
moving on to the next step. for this I have a selection of small pieces of
preserved moss and also some mica powders. I trimmed the moss into small
pieces and arranged the vegetation over the carbon fiber landmass. for the second gemstone I mix some of
the yellow mica powder into more resin and added this into the center. I also added some of the orange powder
around the edges and allowed this to swirl together. once again I allowed that layer to set
up before proceeding. I added additional epoxy over the
carbon fiber landmass and vegetation then swirled some of the yellow mica
powder into that resin. next I added some of the white mica powder and blended those together keeping the top lighter and the bottom more yellow. I mixed more of the white mica powder into some epoxy and added drips of that over the top so that I could make the swirl
pattern more pronounced. moving on to the second gemstone I used
the same process, adding in additional epoxy, removing some of the air bubbles
using the heat gun and then sprinkling some of the mica powder on top. in this
case I’m using the orange. and this gets swirled into the epoxy same as with the
yellow and the white. I mixed up a small amount of the orange
epoxy to swirl into the first gem also. the gemstones have now cured overnight
so it’s time to pop them out of those molds. to do that I’ve inserted some
craft sticks around the edge and applied pressure until they pop out. the second mold needs to be trimmed
before the item can be removed from the mold since these carbon fiber splinters
are extremely sharp and dangerous. when trimming carbon fiber it’s important to
wear both eye and lung protection. I’m using a diamond cutoff wheel which
easily slices through the splinters. with the sharp pieces trimmed away this
can now be removed from the mold using the same method as with the first one. the gemstones can now be trimmed and
shaped using a variety of sanding tools. the gemstones were wet-sanded all the
way from four hundred to seven thousand grit. after sanding the pieces still have a
slight haze which is removed with plastic polish. with the polishing complete you can now
see all of the variations from the carbon fiber plus all the swirling from
the mica powders and the small pieces of plant material that were placed into the
first gemstone. these gemstones will be placed into settings on the mounting
board for the dragon head project. there are a few minor voids on the sides which
won’t be visible in this project anyway but they could have been filled with
additional epoxy and polished flush. there are also quite a few air bubbles
trapped in the resin which could have been removed by degassing the resin in a vacuum chamber or by curing the parts inside of a pressure pot.

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  1. Your work always fascinates me with your creativity. Would love seeing something like this made into Dice for role play.

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