How to Make Bowls with Air Dry Clay | Hobby Lobby®

How to Make Bowls with Air Dry Clay | Hobby Lobby®

When it comes to creating a personalized gift
for Mom, we’ve got you covered. These clay bowls are easy enough that even
kids can make them, and there’s no baking required. You’ll need air-dry clay, a roller, paint,
clay tools and a dish. Roll out your clay on a hard, clean surface,
changing directions as you go to achieve a circular shape. To keep the clay from sticking, you can try
sprinkling cornstarch onto your surface before rolling it out. Be careful not to spread the clay thinner
than 1/8 of an inch to prevent cracking. Place your dish upside down on the clay. … … and
hold it in place as you cut around the edge with your clay tool. Cut evenly spaced notches all the way around
the clay. Then, make a scallop shape in between each
pair of notches. As you peel away excess clay, don’t worry
if the edges get roughed up. … … You can use water at any time to smooth
down bumps and ridges. Bring a little more life to your flower using
a couple clay tools like these. I’m using this notched one to add texture
to the center of the flower—you can makes yours as precise or random as you like. Then try using a smooth-edged clay tool to
create petals—just a few quick lines and it changes the whole look! When you’re done adding details, carefully
peel up your clay, and smooth the edges as needed. Place the clay on your dish, using a saucer
for a more shallow result, or a bowl for a deeper one. Let the clay dry according to the packaging
instructions, which is typically 24 to 48 hours. Once your clay is dry, you can leave it as
is, or give it a painted finish. I’m using a paint that gives a gorgeous
pearlized finish, but you can use any craft paint you’d like. Once you have these basics down, you can change
up the finishing touches to create endless designs. One idea is using clay cutters like these
to add shapes to the main dish. Or pull out your letter stamps to create a
word or phrase. You can even use rubber stamps with this project—just
press the design gently into your clay, and be sure to wash the stamp off when you’re
done! Whether she uses it for her jewelry, coins,
keys, or just for display, Mom is sure to love this DIY gift that’s as unique as she

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  1. LOVE this idea
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  2. Hi, I am wondering if it is okay to make candle lanterns with air dry clay or whether when exposed to heat it crumbles?

  3. Been looking everywhere for a video just like this! Love!!
    Is this method food safe for making my own dishware?

  4. I'll have to try this brand out … The air dry clay (from AC Moore) I use with my HS students breaks very easily. I have to make things rather thick to make the Miniature African Mask project work somewhat well. I thought it was pretty good quality at first, but I'm disappointed.

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