How to make bonsai, step by step beginners guide:

How to make bonsai, step by step beginners guide:

Today we are doing to make a tutorial on wild Murraya Paniculata (Kameni). Look this wild, & we are going to give a style. We are give style. we have collected it two years ago, but we haven’t done any job with it. We will show you today that how we can shape a wild collection into a bonsai form. Let’s start our job. Today Shimul will be with us & he will do the job with us. You are watching the tree & we will try to form it into a Bonsai shape. I am trying, though I know a little about Bonsai. Firstly we will cut down these branches. We will work with these two branches. We will work with these two branches. It will be our apex & we are trying to keep it as Slanting style. We are lifting the Bonsai from this pot. Here was a seed & we have removed it. Give me the Scissors. Now we will cut down this branch. Sham please hold the tree. We are cutting down this branch to make visible the front side. We will shape it slanting style. You are watching the beauty of this Bonsai shall we cut this. At first we told that we will cut down this branch from here. But we are holding it now. It might be back side. We will cut down the branches from the bottom. It has formed slanting style. I am shaping by using Hammer & Adze. Take some shape. We are using Concave cutter. Shall we cut down this? It seems unnecessary. It better to cut down. Here will be an apex & another will be here for Slanting style. We will cut down this finally. Saw will be better. Leave it to me. You have watched there was a branch here. We cut but later we cut down the full branch. It is both twin trunk & slanting style. We have almost finished. Now we have finished our job. We will keep the Bonsai in this position. You comment in our inbox.

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  1. Via, valo concave cutter kothai paua jabe bolte paro? India te pachhi Na. Amake pathate paro?

  2. bhai apnar sob video r kaj gulo valo lage tobe r ekta kaj korle amder ato valo laglo . apni jadi project er kaj ta korar 1 month porer result ta amader dekhaten tahile kaj ta ato valo bojha jeto .

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