How to make Bonsai Root On Rock Horse Chestnuts Conker Bonsai Creation

How to make Bonsai Root On Rock Horse Chestnuts Conker Bonsai Creation

That’s much better. Now, we’re coming from this line, coming in from over down here. So will that actually sit on the top here, then? No, it will sit at the back. In the pouch. And so, do you get like .. or something and take it onto the back? Yes, onto the back. Se we keep all the beautiful features of the rock. Yeah. Without hiding, and then we just use the landscape of it and come down from there. Yeah. But first, let’s get this thing balanced. What do we have to do at the back? A little rock underneath, or putty. Let’s get some putty. Cool, thank you. And we may need another blob. A bit of mixing to do. Give me one of those. Excellent. Okay, put it back down please. About half of that mass or…? No, just, yeah half. That’s fine. And mix both of them into it now. Cool. So squish it so that it will hold its shape. Wonderful. It’s holding its shape. Yeah, good. Excellent. So you’re just trying basically to get an anchor point. Yeah. Oh you found one that’s naturally. Cool. So, shorten off the first one. Okay. Now, anticlockwise. Put it the way you had it. Yes. Change the angle slightly. Now fill up the inside with paper and …underneath So it’s got something to grow onto. Got that. Yeah. Yeah, so lift it up. Keep as many crevices as we can. That’s fine now. Get into all these crevices. Add character to it. Now, the tree. And the angle. Now, what we do is take… Don’t cut it yet. Just tighten it. Not too tight, or it will come off the rock. And what is left, you make a mesh from it. Yeah. Got you. Keep the crevices short. Wonderful. And then take the tweezer and push it in. And hope that it doesn’t fall off. So, get that straight. Close ups. I want to see what it looks like in … Has it got big leaves on it? The leaves are quite big but they’re reduced to about that small. They’re still big compared to a few other things. So what do you reckon? Trim this down eventually or … This, actually you cut back once…
it will send another one from there. Then you cut back. Those will come back too. Then the big one, you let it grow. Then, make small ones at the back. And then, just chop it off. Because that will take all the energy.
The ones at the back will be smaller. But I think this is the only one in the world. That I can say for sure.
I’m going to get a lot of flak for this. Is that just because of the size of the leaves naturally? They don’t really lend themselves to … Because they’ll be saying, you’re absolutely mad.

14 thoughts on “How to make Bonsai Root On Rock Horse Chestnuts Conker Bonsai Creation

  1. The epoxy stand to balance the rock was brilliant ! In some of the videos I have seen on other channels, the stone base is cut flat to rest on the tray but your solution is way easier and more practical. Penjing looks nice. Whats is the black substrate being used and how do you make it ? Does it have nutrients in it ? It looks very clayish. How do the roots perform in this medium ? How is this penjing setup watered ? Sorry if I exceeded my quota of questions, Mark 🙂

  2. Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I'm just starting off in this world of bonsai and your videos are such a help to me and they inspire me to keep on trying new things and seeing how far I can push the limits…. Please keep the videos coming..

  3. is that just a ball of mud mixed with gravel? do you have to buy it somewhere or can you use any dirt with that consistency?

  4. It would be nice and useful to at least add subtitle to it and write what your doing with their names and etc and your not speaking at all…

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