How to make Bonsai (Episode 2), कैसे बनाये बोन्साई, Be the Creator, July’19

How to make Bonsai (Episode 2), कैसे बनाये बोन्साई, Be the Creator, July’19

Hello! This is Samar And you’re watching Be The Creator Bonsai Gardening India’s only YouTube channel … to teach authentic bonsai making How to make bonsai …. After grand success of the 1st episode of this video tutorials series … I’ve work with more alert on its 2nd episode …. As I do not want to lose your faith and love In the 1st episode … I shared with you …. How to prepare a plant for bonsai … how to work on root ball …. How to prepare soil for bonsai training … In the 2nd episode of this series …. I’ll share … How to work on your trainee bonsai all along the year So that you can get your desired shape on your bonsai And … You’ll get the answer of the questions you made too in this episode The tree I’m working on … is also a variety of Kamini Its leaf size is is smaller than the common Kamini It’s flowering also Very good bonsai material it is It’s more than two ears I purchased it from nursery It was a straight upgoing small plant I had allow it to grow for first year After that I did chop the trunk from here I want to shape it like this as a Komono bonsai And I’m working on it with same goal Komono is a Japanese word The bonsai which belongs to the height range of 6 to 10 inches And … which can be moved with single hand … that’s called Komono Bonsai Your tree will tell you which shape you have to apply on it Only You have to just develop relation with it While you are growing the nursery tree … Then you observe it regularly Different trees have different growth pattern You can understand it by regular observing a tree And … you can provide the best style to it then only To give desired style to a tree … You can take help of pruning, wiring and traction To bend the hard wood …. Clumping is a good technique But according to me … for beginners … Pruning is the best way Here I’m showing you how to shape and style a tree by pruning I’ll share method of wiring, Traction and clumping in future Pay attention on how i’m pruning You will understand everything I did 2nd phase of work on it on June last year I let it grow after 2nd phase of work After a vigorous growth in monsoon … Again I did 3rd phase of work on it in October Kamini is a Tropical tree It grows fast Tropical trees need pruning twice in a year I got two possible axis on it after trunk chop I’m making one of them as main apex And I’ve to control the growth of the second one There is no other way to control growth except pruning You can reduce the growth rate of any branch or trunk by pruning Similarly .. to boost the growth of any branch or trunk it shouldn’t be pruned at all To get more thickness of the tree trunk Let the tree grow longer As much as the tree grows taller Its trunk will grow thicker that much And then cut back it short You will get lots of new shoots after every pruning Leaving the useful shoots … prune all the unwanted shoots Watch carefully … I’ve pruned this Kamini about 80% Now I’m making its main apex Leaving the tip of Apex, that means the main trunk line I’m cutting back all the rest As result the trunk line I’m making will grow continuously And growth of rest of the part will be controlled Once the trunk line is been made … I’ll start working on its branch structure Bonsai is a living art You can not work on this haste Patience is very much important for bonsai making Now this Kamini became more mature It is time to work again on it Now it has to be transplanted too Again leaving the main trunk line … all other branch growths to be controlled All the unwanted shoots to be pruned Leaving the trunk tip all other branch tip has to be cut back And it’ll be repeated along the next 1 or 2 years Until … It not gets miniature look of a mature tree Then it is to be shifted to a suitable bonsai pot How to choose nursery plant? Ruchi Gupta has asked this valued question Choose such plant to grow as bonsai … which is suitable in your natural climate Which is hardwood and long living tree And the leaf size is tiny naturally A list of plant names that suitable for beginners … I mentioned in description of 1st episode I’ll repeat that in description of this episode too In coming episodes of this series of “How to Make Bonsai” … I’ll share … Like Bonsai soil, Bonsai Fertilizer, Bonsai Watering, some primary information … And … Bosai wiring and Traction like … some technical information also If you have any question then write it down in comment box I’ll answer for sure To develop tree trunk more … You have to increase pot size also As shown in 1st episode, root ball is to be pruned and … and it has to be repotted And after well watering … Keep it under shade for two weeks And when new growths start come out then put it under Sun…. That’s all for this episode, See you on next episode, till then Goodbye

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  1. Dada,Again Thanks for sharing such a valuable information….But it is a very much disappointing situation for me now because i expected a lot from ur toutorial….It is meant for those who r well with Hindi…..I don't know Hindi… People like me must have at least English subtitles to understand it….Otherwise it was an awesome presentation….Plz consider my request during ur next section….. Thanks……

  2. Darun tutorial for beginners like me…… sir Kalpavrish (Kalpataru) r ki kono local name hoi West Bengal e….. Ami Hooghly the thaki…..Local Nursury gulo keo bujhte parche na….

  3. Sir ami murshidabad a taki.
    Kno bonsai ar trunk ba dal mota korta chaichi.tkn ki wearing kora jaba. Amr mona hocha wearing tkla mota hocha trunkta

  4. Sir trunk ko mota karne k liye jab uss plant ko repot karen to kya uss plant ko aur uske roots ko prune karna zaroori hai sath hi usme sirf compost se kaam chal Jayega ya fir firtilizer bhi dena hoga

  5. मे नेपाल से हु।सदाबाहार फुल का बोन्साइ बनानाचाहताहु?

  6. স্যার ফাইকাসের প্রুনিং এর সঠিক সময় কোনটি।

  7. Helpful video as always. Well explained .Easy to understand. Great tips.The best part is that you are showing different plants and styling them differently too…. Without making it complicated👌Tree is looking beautiful.
    Thanks Samar Da for sharing.
    All the best.

  8. Honestly, of all the tutorials I've seen yours are the most detailed and clear. I'm still crawling in the bonsai world. For now, I'm still just an enthusiast. Thanks so much for your videos.

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