How to Make Beaded Bracelet with Crystals, Beads and Wire. DIY Craft Ideas.

How to Make Beaded Bracelet with Crystals, Beads and Wire. DIY Craft Ideas.

Hello to everyone! At first I would like to thanks for watching my subscribers and other guests. I am very glad that you write your comments to my videos!:) Please share this video with your friends. And today you inspired me to create this video, in which I will show you how to make a luxurious volumetric bracelet with your own hands. So you will need a wire or a copper wire in diameter of 0.4 mm. At first you will need to weave first one part of the bracelet. Take two pieces of wire for this, each should be in two meters long. Bend them in half Unite them and twist a small loop with pliers In result you should have four wires. Put a light lilac large bead on wire from the right side Pull out and fix it with your fingers and twist the twig at a distance of 1 cm. Don`t twist the wires too tightly to avoid deformation Then twist the wires exactly three times and twist the same branch. Go to the other wires on the left side and do the same Now go back to the wires on the right side and continue to twist twigs with different beads, moving from right to left. I will tell you some information about the materials. Any needlewoman, usually goes to the materials store, and after that remains kilograms of beads, that can’t be used for accessories for a long time). And I’m no exception:) I sorted out all my materials and tried to collect what you see on my desktop. Here are a small and large beads, two kinds of bugle beads, colored stones and glass faceted beads. All of them are combined in color. Basically, it’s violet-blue shades. I think that it`s very great idea for you to select combined with each other colors, use up your idle stuff and create something interesting and unusual from any surplusses! I know, you want to ask me what is the order of the beads and how to twist them. There is no order and you are free to do whatever you want that is my answer. I twist beads in a chaotic manner and arrange all the beads to match to alternate colors. Now at this stage I begin to twist at once two twigs on each side This is necessary, mainly for filling the bracelet as much as possible and make it thicker. During the process, do not forget to arrange and shift the branches to each other, as I said, to create a beautiful volume. Finish twisting the branches when the length of our part will be 6 cm. Make the second part of the bracelet with the same materials. I use four beautiful flowers with holes and small shiny beads to decorate the center. So take one part of the bracelet and put all four wires at once into the hole of the flower. Put the bead on each wire, output back into the hole and twist the stamens. I decided to add more beads to the center. I put beads with pins on the remaining wire and then I also put the wire back into the hole. Do the same with the second part of the bracelet … Now connect the two finished parts of the bracelet with three beads Separate the wires and fix them by attaching to the base of the flowers. I still have four wires on each side. Now I put three faceted beads and then the third flower on two long wires. Since I have two wires now, I can’t do more then two stamens here. Therefore, I twist two stamens and then put a small bead on one of wires that is longer. After that I pull the wire out the hole of the flower again. Continue the decorate the center. After that, put three beads into the wire again and attach everything under the following flower. As you guessed, the same way I attach the remaining flower on the bracelet. I still have long ends of wires and I also decided to decorate the center with black faceted drops and beads. Cover working wires on the reverse side with beads and bugle beads. Cut the remaining ends of wires. And finally, it`s a time for a fastener. For our bracelet perfectly suited the magnetic clasp. It is very comfortable to wear, quickly fixes on the hand the jewelry and it looks very nice and elegant. What can I say! The bracelet is very spectacular, airy, feminine I would say, unusual:) Of course, such work requires great perseverance and patience but as you saw, the technique of bracelet is not so complicated and here it is necessary to abide of the russian proverb: “The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing.” If you liked the video, please share it and subscribe to the channel. Don’t miss new video tutorials. We’ll meet soon again, Bye!

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  1. Bonjour Gilda Workshop, vous allez bien ? Je trouve se bracelet majestueux et que de belle pierres ,elles sont exceptionnelle !!! Merci BRAVO ❤💍💎👏👏👏👍👍👍

  2. Вы просто супер. Молодчина, очень красивый и воздушный браслет. хочу попробовать незнаю получится или нет я ведь только учусь. ))) но буду старатся пока не сделаю. Спасибо вам за подробный мк. Творческих успехов .

  3. Очень красивая работа, скажите где можно приобрести такие цветочки, если можно по поделитесь пожалуйста ссылочкой

  4. It’s pretty! Where can we buy your items and supplies to make your products? Do you have a someone you buy these from or do you know where we can look for these items? Thanks

  5. Который раз пересматриваю и восхищаюсь. А можете дать ссылку, где вы приобретали четыре красивых цветка.

  6. Я думала что ето очень сложно но нет спасиба тибе💖💖💖💖💖👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 təşəkürlər

  7. Красотища !!! А сколько примерно нужно бусин покупать на такой браслет?

  8. That bracelet is gorgeous ,,but I don't think I would have the patients to make it it, as my eye sight bad, beautiful work. Lovely colors my colors at lilacs and pinks and blues,, thank you.🌹🌺🌹🌺

  9. Congratulantions for you work Is fantastic!
    Is very nice !
    Follow whit yours tutorials!
    Tanks four this! 💞

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