How to make Baby #Crochet knit ENGLISH Hat with Ear Flaps Tutorial Free Online  Class Art

How to make Baby #Crochet knit ENGLISH Hat with Ear Flaps Tutorial Free Online Class Art

this will be a crochet baby cap with earflaps i will be using 3 ply yearn a size g, 4.24 millimeter crochet hook if you are new to crochet and you need help with the basic stitches i do have playlists in both right and and left hand versions i am including a live annotation link to each version put your hook below the center strand back up the opposite side. I’m going to be working right through the center of the loop. half double crochet is done by wrapping the yarn over the hook I will be working in the continual round. This is so I know where to change rounds for increasing. The first stitch will be two half double crochet. There will be a total of 24. Now we are set up to continue working around without joining for the remaining length of the cap. Round four will be one half double crochet between each stitch around for a total of 36. That’s working two half double crochet in the same space. Work an increase in the next space working two half double crochet in the same space. You can make the cap shorter if you find that 21 rounds is to much. And that completes the cap. You can end here or continue on and attach the earflaps.

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  1. my babys head measures 15 1/2 will this be too big? is the hat supposed to be a size smaller then the regular head size?

  2. After round 5 in order to continue increasing to make it bigger do i just do 1 HDC, 1 HDC, 1 HDC then 2 HDC. and just increase the number of 1 HDC

  3. If anyone wants to know I made this cap I only did 17 rows and it fits my 6 yr old perfectly it covers his ears too he loves it this pattern fits all 4 of my kids head sizes 17.5-22 inches thank you so much for this tutorial I love it!!

  4. @TheCorbinfanatic I was very confused too! First off, I made 2 hats already just sliding the hook under the "top" (2 strands), they just came out a little more 'lacey' looking. So don't worry too much. That said, I figured out- on hat #3!- you dive down a little further UNDER the top of the stitch- so there're 3 strands you're under (plus the 2 already on your hook, plus 1 when you catch the yarn behind) This makes a tighter weave, which is great as this hat is for a rough&tumble 4yr old! HTH!

  5. I made the hat w/ 4-ply yarn & J hook, also did the stitches just under the tops (by mistake) but it worked out to my benefit (bigger) & fits my 22 month old. For a 4yr-old, is it best to have a round of same # in between (as you did w/ the 36) before you increase again (like 36, 36, 48, 48, 60) rather than just increasing after each (36, 48, 60, etc) or does it matter? Will it come out uneven? I'm having a little trial & error to make the hat the right size. Thanks for your instructions!

  6. Hi Theresa, I am from South Africa and really love your tutorials….I made this hat today and wanted to add a couple of colorful stripes but they didn't match up at the back. What is the diffrence between a continuous circle when starting and a circle where you join rounds with a slip stitch….can the slip stitch method be applied to this hat and what difference would it make…I am going to have to start all over so am hoping you can help me…thanks Sue

  7. I love your crochet videos..but is it me…does anyone else get creeped out by crocheted items for babies being shown on dolls? I wish it was modeled on a real baby, but I guess the way things are on the internet, I probably wouldn't want my baby on the net either! I really love your videos. ( I wasn't being critical, I was just wondering if it bothers anyone else, or I have watched one too many scary doll movies! LOL!

  8. Thank you for making these videos! I absolutely LOVE them. I've just got back into Crochet, and your videos are helping me remember the ropes! Thanks again! xx

  9. Hello! I have recently began to teach myself how to crochet. I have been following all your videos and think you are a wonderful teacher, these videos have helped me tremendously! Thanks again!

  10. I thank God for you everyday!! I don't know what I would do whithout your tutorial videos. I just keep improving with every project and it's all thanks to YOU!!!! Thank you so much for your patience and dedication in making and sharing your videos Teresa!!!

  11. I love your videos and I use them to make all of my hats and such! You have the clearest tutorials I have found so far! And I'm wondering if this hat would fit a 6-9 month baby?

  12. I can't do this at all 🙁 I connect the chain with a slip knot, but there is no discernible way to see the "hole" in the middle. I think I found it once, but the slip knot kept, well, slipping as i was doing the half doubles into it an the hole just got bigger and bigger. I give, this is ridiculous. Im sure its a great pattern, I was excited to try, but I just can't do it.

  13. Do you have any suggestions on continuing to increase to make this hat larger? Would a larger crochet hook make it bigger as well?

  14. Hi I would love to do the baby cap with a 3 ply yarn and a 3.50 mm so I know I will have to add stitches but I do not know where to put the ear flaps I do not have the baby with me. do you follow a ratio like ex dividing the number of stitches to know exactly were to start the second ear flap ? Thank you

  15. Love ur tutorials. I have made several cute hats.How do I do an increase 2 make the hat bigger than u made it? I tried & don't think I did so correctly. It is bigger but isn't shaped right. In this tutorial,u add a row of 1 half double in each space, before you do your increase row…I did that each time, and worked up 2 an increase row of 5 half doubles in their own space between the increase stitches…is that correct or should that row not b there. It is flat on top, not sure if right, thanks

  16. I love your tutorials, they are the best!!!I made this hat for my 8 month-old son, using a 5,0 mm hook and 64 stitches after all the increases.
    To make this fit a 9-year old, how many stitches do you think i should have with the 5,0 mm hook after the increases??
    thanks in advance!

  17. ok , why is it that its so bumpy on top right where i did the 12 double crochet in to the ring? the beanie came out great and bumpy on top is there a pattern where its flat on top?

  18. great tutorial but i cannot see how you are attaching the ear flaps. do you have a separate lesson for that. When I click on the video like it says it is not showing me how you connected it or what you did.



  20. good teacher makes good tutorials. I just found one 🙂 Thanks your tutorial helps alot!! 🙂

  21. I made the hat with no problems,but I can't open the video to attach the ears. HELP ME PLEASE, new grandchild due in November.

  22. why the fuck do you feel the need to recruit people to your close minded religion in the comments of a goddamn crocheting video?

  23. You can go to my crochet blog, crochetgeek and search for it by the same name as the video or search in the Google Search using "Baby Crochet Cap with Earflap Option – The Hat" and the written instructions will come up.

  24. what are you talking about, I don't hear any religions comment. Please make your words nice or don't say anything. btw the only close minded person is you….Never blame religion blame the people with closed minds-

  25. It may be that to many increase stitches were worked or the stitches are being worked to loose. Count your stitches to see how it compares to the pattern.

  26. I've been wanting to crochet a beanie for our third daughter due in 5 weeks but I just can't follow patterns to save my life, no matter HOW basic. So this video has been very helpful! I'm almost finished with her first beanie and have a feeling there will be a few more before she arrives! Thank you!

  27. Hi Crochet Geek, thank you so much for teaching me how to crochet baby caps! However, my baby is 6 months old and this cap is too tiny for her. How do I make it bigger? I've tried a bigger hook but it still seems to be small just with bigger spaces.

  28. Hi Miranda – Work more increase rounds to make a larger cap. So this means after round 5, you will work another round of increase stitches. There are two combinations you can try.

    Option 1: Work 1 HDC in 5, work 2 HDC in the next stitch, 8 times around for a total of 56 stitches.

    Option 2: Work 2 HDC in 7, work 2 HDC in next stitch, 6 times around for a total of 54 stitches.

    Continue with the length of the cap. If that is not big enough, work another increase round.

  29. My son sent me a picture of a baby wearing a cap w/ flaps similar to yours.  The maker had crocheted a  ATM in white on the helmet/hat so that it looked like a foot ball helmet from Texas A & M.  Is it possible to crochet letters in this or would I (possibly) cross stitch them on?

  30. When I click on the video to see the earflaps, it just pauses the current video.. Can you post a video on how to add the earflaps? I looked thru all your videos and didn't see one. Thanks!

  31. I'm making one for my grand-daughter. I just ask if you could speak up, louder, a bit so that I can hear you better. Thanks so much for this tutorial!!  🙂

  32. Great Video, but you could fast forward during the long count, gets a little boring. You make it very easy and plain to see otherwise.  I am having trouble with the count and having the hat increase in size, will continut to work on that problem.

  33. Thank you for this pattern!! I was able to make a baby hat with flaps and an extended string for tying up over the head- like a deer stalkers hat- using Super Bulky Bernat baby blanket yarn, with a sz H hook- it is just adorable!

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  35. Hello digital mobile , I really love this hat and I'm trying to make it for my daughter she is 2 years i did til HC in next five stitches and increase total stitches 78 but how many rows should I do to get a good length? you did from 6 to 21

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