How to make an Origami TAILED STAR | CHRISTMAS LANTERN -DIY origami tutorial by Magic Folds

Mark 13 cm from the top corner From that point draw a line towards the other two corners Mark 1cm above the 13 cm mark done before. From that point draw a line towards the other two corners as shown Using scale, bend fold the paper as shown Mark the point Draw a line from that mark towards the opposite corner. When the corners of normal leg meet the tail leg, mark it on the tail leg Mark 1 cm from that point. And draw line towards the corners like we done before. Fold using scale, like we done before. Apply glue on the folded portion of the leg. Stick it to the inner portion of the next leg, as shown Cut two small rectangles and paste it inside the outer legs for strengthening and use thread to hold the star legs together Make holes on both sides using Paper Punch,where we pasted the rectangular piece inside. Take two small sticks and tie the thread to it, for locking the thread inside the hole. Insert the thread through the hole,so that stick gets locked inside the leg. Tie the threads together,and now the Tailed star is ready. Make holes in different patterns using Paper Punch. Insert threads like we done before. And tie it together. Tailed star | Christmas lantern is ready. Give some light and let it shine.

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