How to Make an Origami Inflatable Bunny

How to Make an Origami Inflatable Bunny

How to Make an Origami Inflatable Bunny. Save some energy for the end of this process—you’ll
need it to puff the breath of life into your adorable little bunny. You will need A sheet of square origami paper
(6″ x 6″ / 15 cm x 15 cm) and a flat surface. Step 1. With the colored side up, fold one edge to
the opposite edge, then unfold. Rotate the paper and do the same with the
other two edges. Step 2. Turn the paper over to the white side and
fold one corner to the opposite corner. Unfold. Step 3. Rotate the paper and repeat with the other
two corners. Do not unfold. Step 4. You should have an overall triangular shape
with creases that form a “V” on either side of the center vertical crease. Pick up the model and hold it with your fingers
on either side of the “V.” Gently bring your hands together allowing the paper to collapse
into an upside-down pyramid shape. Step 5. Place the model back down on the table and
arrange it so that there are two flaps on each side and the closed point is at the top. Step 6. Working only on the front flaps, fold the
bottom right and bottom left corners up to the top point. Step 7. To mark the center of the model, fold ONE
of the top corners to the bottom and then crease, creating a landmark for the next step,
and unfold. Step 8. On the top layer, you should now have a diamond
shape. Fold the right and left corners of the diamond
to meet in the middle at the landmark. You should now have two little triangles,
the top edge of which has two layers. These form pockets that will be used later
to lock the model. Step 9. Keeping the pockets in place, fold the two
top corners down and out to the side, covering the pockets. Step 10. Fold these outer corners to the center to
meet. You should now have two tiny triangles covering
the pockets. Step 11. Gently tuck these triangles INTO the pockets,
forming a lock. The top layer of your model should now be
a lozenge-shaped hexagon. Step 12. Turn the model over to the plain pyramid shape. Step 13. Fold down each of the long sloping sides to
align on the center vertical crease. Step 14. Pivoting on the lower right corner, grasp
the bottom right flap and fold it over to the right. You will form an upside-down triangle with
a top edge parallel to the bottom of the model. You may need to adjust the fold using the
pivot before creasing into place. Step 15. Repeat on the left side. You should now have an overall boat shape
with a large sail. Step 16. Pivoting at the bottom of the center vertical
crease, fold the bottom right edge of the boat to lie on the center vertical. Repeat on the left side. Step 17. Keeping these flaps in place, pick up the
model and look at it from the bottom—arrange the four flaps of the model into a “+” sign. Step 18. There’s a small hole in the center of the
plus sign (+). Give a strong short puff into the hole to
bring your bunny to life! Did you know Did you know? Instead of a man in the moon, the Japanese
see a rabbit making mochi, a traditional New Year’s treat made of smashed rice.

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  1. @StaceyForEverCP
    you have to have a sheet of square origami paper that's 6 inches by 6 inches or 15 centimeters by 15 centimeters

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  4. My pet rabbit Pepper seemed to like a toy I had, so I gave it to him. But he started eating her fabric ears. Now he has a toy that he can actually eat. Unpatterned and white paper

  5. Hello there! I cant get enuf of paper artworks! Have you tried – Jabking Paper Craft Magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend made some great items after using it.

  6. Beautiful this handicraft!
    Do you know how to make an inflatable cat's head in this manner?
    We used to do that when we were young. (1950).
    Yours, piet

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