How to make an Origami Dove (HD)

How to make an Origami Dove (HD)

Requirement: square sheet of paper, all kinds are possible Fold in half diagonally Don’t unfold; fold in half again Fold the left and right corner to the top Bring the flaps down to the bottom; don’t make a crease! Just make a pinch mark Fold to the middle where you made the pinch mark Reverse fold. Use the crease you’ve already made Fold in half Fold the upper layer to the left Repeat on the other side, fold to the right We’ll make a crease from here to there Repeat Make a crease along this edge Open up the paper and reverse fold Fold along this edge Repeat Make a crease here Reverse fold. Use the creases you’ve already made Finished! Peace!

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  1. I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that saids mean things about anyone folding origami. Is ignorant and lack creativity which makes you feel sorry for them. Leave this job to us folfers😘🎠 haters will be haters.

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