73 thoughts on “How to Make an Origami Crane

  1. boo wtf why dont they teach us from scratch. a square! how am i supposed to know how to get to bird base. I NEED 200 CRANES FOR MY JAP CLASSS AHH.

  2. yeah yeah yeah that's nice…just tell us how to make the crane and don't even tell us the procedure on how to make a freaking bird base!

  3. the sudako stpry at beginning was wrong. she had cancer due to an atom bomb affecting her with radiation. she was weak and died at making 649 cranes. all her friends finished the rest for her. she also has a commemoration sit in japan

  4. search for it on youtube.. there are specific videos on how making a bird base.. i thought the same thing yu did.. when i saw this video.. but search: "how to fold bird base" on youtube and u will be ok

  5. search for bird base on youtube.. there are specific videos on how making a bird base.. i thought the same thing you guys do.. when i saw this video.. of how to make a bird base, but search: "how to fold bird base" on youtube and u will be ok

  6. if u already have the bird base this turns out great, pretty much better than some other vids i've seen, way to go! thanks to the poster.

  7. jesus! if i knew how to make that base i wouldn't start looking for this tutorial! how do i make that base???

  8. read this!! it rly wrks!!! put one finger at the trigger of a shotgun in your mouth and think sad depressing thoughts…then pull the trigger and then tomorrow there will be a pile of bloody mess of you including your brain…but heres the trick, you have to send this to 5 other vids for better effect!

  9. some people may think that 1000 cranes in a year is a lot, but actually if you make 3 cranes a day (taking maybe ten minutes) then you can make 1068 cranes. 68 to spare! I'm gonna do this at the start of 2010!

  10. if the book sadako and the thousand paper cranes is correct. she didn't fold 1000. she died before that but her class of something made the rest.

  11. @Runescaper725 look it up maybe? It's probably in another video and they don't want to do all those steps in every video that uses this base.

  12. ok 3 things wrong HOW DO YOU MAKE A BIRD BASE?
    Sudaku didn't make 1000 in a year, she made 600 and something
    and she wanted to wish for her to get better as she was ill. this vid is silly.

  13. I can't believe that there are people asking how to make the Bird Base… there's a search box in Youtube for crying out loud. I didn't knew either but I found a guide.

    Oh… by the way, great video! My first Crane wasn't as good as the second but overall great tutorials!
    Thumbs up!

  14. sadako didn't get to 1,000 paper cranes. she only got to 500 and something before she died. if you get the chance, please read ''sadako and the thousand paper cranes''. it's really good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. there 2 version of ending making this crane.. this one make its wings more to the side while the other version the crane is more flat… i like this one more.. but if u wanna make 1000 of them.. the flat one is better to stash away ^^

  16. fuck all these bird base questions it right at the suggestions list you dumbasses now besides that stupid question why does he have feminine hands? XD

  17. You guys who made the top comments are so so stupid and lazy. You could just look up on how to make a bird base!!! And besides, if you look to your right you will see the suggestion videos. If you two could look there you would'nt have to make those freakin comments!

  18. I only need a bird base+a flat surface!? WHAT A GREAT DEAl, i could've died from embarresment of taking credit for some jappenese perrson on the web selling crane's. (Tank u. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Howcast is getting history wrong. Sadly Sadako was ill from leukimea(sp?) and wanted a wish. Sadly she only made 644 before she couldn't make anymore because of the illness. Unfortunatley, Sadako died. LOOK IT UP FIRST,HOWCAST!!!!!


  21. Good instructions, although did anyone notice that at times the voiceover says fold to the right when the person doing the origami is actually folding to the left?

  22. Didn't bother watching full video as this one was first one I had ever attempted & I had no idea what shape of paper I was to start with. Would have made much more sense if the video began at the very first step with the size of paper we required and the folds right from the beginning ๐Ÿ™

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