How to Make an Origami Box

How to Make an Origami Box

How to Make an Origami Box. Here’s a great
way to turn a single piece of paper into a simple box, perfect for holding whatever knick-knacks
or keepsakes you have lying around. You will need A sheet of rectangular paper A flat surface
and the cover or a page from a magazine (optional). Step 1. Place the paper on the flat surface
with the long edges at the top and bottom. 8 ½” x 11″ printer paper works well, but
the cover (or a page) of a magazine works even better—and it’s a great way to recycle.
Step 2. Fold one long edge to the opposite long edge, crease, then unfold. Step 3. Fold
one long edge to meet the center crease you just made. Now do the same with the other
long edge, so they both meet in the center. Unfold completely. Step 4. Rotate your paper
and fold one short edge to the opposite short edge. Unfold. Step 5. Fold each short edge
to meet the center crease similar to Steps 1 and 2. Do not unfold. Step 6. Orient the
paper so that one of the long folded edges is closest to you. There should be three vertical
creases in your paper. Starting at the bottom of the right hand crease, fold the nearest
corner so that the folded edge lines up along the nearest vertical crease. Crease hard through
all the layers. Step 7. Repeat this creasing on the three remaining corners. You should
now have a football shape with four triangular corners, two short edges, and two long, loose
edges in the center of the model. Step 8. Fold one of the loose edges as far as it will
go away from the center (over two of the triangles), bending the two small end tabs over to “lock”
the edge in place. Repeat with the other edge. Step 9. Place your thumbs inside and under
the hemmed edge, and gently lift upwards to open up the box. Step 10. Pinch each corner
and you’re done. Now make another one for a lid! Did you know Did you know? Origami
began in China and later caught on in Japan, where documents were folded in order to “certify”
and secure them.

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  1. amazing! my whole grade asked how i made that, so i taught my social studies class and told them to teach others

  2. @galacticwarrior77
    Shut up u probably didn't know how to make this design till the "million year old chinese guy" shown you how 😛

  3. @cindyleigh06 If you call him f*cker why don't you get someone to call you f*cker and mean it. P.S. You make another one and overlap the sides.

  4. When I first saw this, I was like, oh crap this is gonna be hard my box is gonna be an epic fail, but now when I saw this, I was like, what the f**k was I thinking? Anyone can make this, so easy, so awesome!!

  5. I made four boxes, but smaller. These are going to be perfect for Valentine's Day for my family!!! Thank you for making this video!

  6. Instructions were clear, narrator had a calming voice, the origami man was a cute old guy and made me happy, and at the end I had a neat box. Great video, this is what Youtube should be about imo

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