How to Make an Origami Boomerang – Rob’s World

How to Make an Origami Boomerang – Rob’s World

Hey what’s going on guys it’s Rob I hope
you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year If you didn’t get that toy that you really
wanted for the holidays I’m gonna show you how to make something
really cool today..The Origami Boomerang! This is definitely one of my
most favorite origami models to make now, it’s pretty simple it’s fun for all ages
and it will keep you busy for hours When I first made it, I was playing around
with it for over an hour Well, the first why made didn’t come out so
good.. Neatness really counts with this model so you need to be as neat as possible if you want it to fly well What you’re going to need is a piece of A4 printer paper, or just a basic 8.5″ X 11″ sheet (Letter Sized) just
like this. You don’t want to use cover paper that’s too thick, you don’t want to use
construction paper.. just use a sheet like this and the good thing about it is that
we’re going to split it in half meaning you get to make two Origami
boomerangs with one sheet. Now, you’re probably
wondering how well can Origami Boomerang really fly that’s made
from a piece of printer paper Well, before we start I’m gonna show you a
quick little video of me throwing it! You can try throwing two at the same time To start off, position your printer paper so
that the longer ends are horizontal then we’re going to take the top end of
the paper and fold it down to the bottom end and try to be as neat as possible and
align it edge to edge perfectly When you do so, then you can make a
crease along the top of the paper and then to split it in half you can run your fingernail against the
edge.. if you wanna fold it back on itself do the same the other way you can do
that and then we can split the paper in half We’re going to once again fold the paper
in half lengthwise, so take the top end of the paper and fold it down to the bottom end of the
paper to make sure that the edges are aligned perfectly (as best you can) and then you can make a crease along
the top up the paper You may want to just run your fingernail
against it so that we have really good creases since that’ll help the boomerang fly a
little better. When you unfold the paper you’ll notice we have a line that divides the paper in half
and we’re going to be taking the top end of the paper and the bottom end of
the paper and folding directly next to the line you don’t want to fold it right on top of it because when we
follow the boomerang in half again it might interfere with the edges So, take the top end of the paper…
Fold it down next to that line leave a little bit of
space, maybe a millimeter or so and then you wanna make a nice crease along the top edge of
the paper So, as you’ll see I left a little bit of space in between
the middle of the paper and the edge of the paper there Do the same for the bottom edge so just
fold it directly next to that line leaving a
little bit of space and then we can make the crease along the bottom up the paper. So as
you’ll see there is a little bit a space in between
the two edges set when we fold in half it doesn’t
interfere with those edges which we just folded in.
Alright so now we can take one end of the paper and we’re going to
fold it across to the other end and as you’ll see the paper is very
straight so once you align it edge to edge just hold it there, and you might need to just pull
on this a little bit to kind of round it off and it’ll allow you to make that nice
crease on the end there and then you could run your fingernail
over it and then we’re going to take both of the corners here and we’re going to fold them inwards so
that the top edge is aligned with that vertical line you see and you may want to just hold the bottom
here because when you fold this inwards it’ll kind of misalign the
paper so you just wanna hold the bottom here
fold the corner inwards just like that and make a crease run your fingernail over it.. do the same
with the left side just fold that corner in just like that and make another crease. Then you can run
your fingernail over there Then you can unfold both of the corners and we can just fold
it backwards, if you want to flip the model over and fold it that way it’s fine. Just
fold it backwards on the same crease which we just made and run your finger now over it, do the
same the left side and run your fingernail over it and then
what we’re going to do is we’re going to open the side here and we’re going to tuck both of these
corners inwards just like that. So take it, tuck
the corner in and then just re-close the flaps Do the same with the left side. Open it up, tuck the corner in and then you could just close both of the
edges together again. Make good creases… and you’re ready to move on. OK, at this
point I need you guys to pay really close attention, and to listen
carefully since the folding does get a little tricky here but I’m going to go
through in a lot of detail to make it as simple for you as I can. We’re going to take the model and we’re
going to unfold it. Then we’re going to unfold this
edge on the right that we previously folded in towards the center. So
unfold the right side of the model just like that now you’ll see we have a
diamond shape on the right side here so to make this
next told a little bit easier, we’re just going to make some of these creases here in the diamond a little better. On this
horizontal fold you want to just take both ends of the
model and to just fold them away from you and then you want to just run your
fingernail against that horizontal fold and that’s known as a mountain fault since
it creates what looks like a mountain Then on the outside the diamond here
we also need to just make those creases a little better so we’re just going to flip over the model
and as you’ll see we have the four creases here just take your finger and you want to
run your fingernail against the edge there, so just fold downwards on that
and just run your fingernail against it and do that with all 4 of the creases there so it should look something like that
now just a little bit better folded. Now you can flip the model over and now what we’re going to do is basically make a little pocket here so what we want to
do. is you want to take our thumb and just
close the top half of the model so that this edge is once
again on the midline and hold it there and then we’re going
to take this diamond and we’re going to squash it just like that so you wanna take your thumb and
going to squash this diamond so that this corner here is folded up against this piece in the paper here take it and just flatten it there against the paper Then we’re going to once again
fold this edge back inwards toward the midline. As you’ll see, we
have a pocket here so this corner is going to be right in
that pocket So just fold it into the pocket and as you’ll see the edge once again
lines up and we have created what looks like a pocket here So once you have a model like this,
you’re ready to move on Okay, so take a model now and on the
corner here Just make sure that this
crease is sharp, so just fold it downwards like that and run your fingernail
against it then we’re going to take the left side
of the model and just fold this edge down and when you do that this little pocket
area should kinda form a little mountain there then you’re
going to take that top edge and you’re also going to
fold it down so that this top edge here is on the bottom with
this edge so fold it down like that and as you’ll
see that little mountain area is going to be folded to
the left now and form a little pocket in there Then you could just flatten everything
out Now, we’re just
going to reopen everything and you’re going to lift up this edge here so that you bring this corner
that we previously tucked in, and just lift that up like that and we’re
going to once again fold this left side down and then fold the top down and when
we do that it will once again form that little
pocket in there but we want to have this corner tucked into that area now where that pocket has formed. So just put that in there, close the top down and just work that corner back into
that area and make sure everything is folded
nicely and make a really good creases So your model should look something like this now We are pretty much done with
making the Origami Boomerang, we just need to lock the ends and to do that
we’re just going to open the end like that, and fold
both these corners in so that the edge here is aligned with
the vertical edge Fold it in and try to be as neat as
possible and make a crease and run your fingernail against it Do the same with the left side and then you could unfold the one on the
right and you’re going to open the edge like this and tuck this corner
in, similar to like we did before Just tuck that corner in As you’ll see, it forms a little flap here so
just flatten it out You can now open the left side and you
have a little flap here now and then we could re-close the model
so put that edge back down and as you’ll see we have a flap here and you have what looks like a little pocket formed
by the other flap.. So you could tuck this flap into that
pocket all the way up to the crease that we made there, so just
tuck it in like that and just flatten everything out You can do the same with the other side On the left side here we only have one
layer, whereas the other side we had two layers on both sides, but it works
the same way So just fold this in, and make a crease and fold the right side and make another
crease Then you can unfold the right side, open
this edge.. Tuck this corner and you may need to fold it here on that crease open this flap, close the model and then you could finally open that little
pocket there and tuck that flap in. Alright guys, so once you’ve done all
that, flatten everything out and you have finished your Origami
Boomerang!! Okay, so before you start just make sure that the model is really neat, just like this one is here and make sure
all the creases are very good and the model is flat. If
you do bend the boomerang, it’s not going to fly
correctly.. so it is pretty fragile but it will endure being hit against walls
and stuff like that but if it hits a wall it may not going to come
back to you. So hold it like this with the line here, the diagonal line, should be
facing upwards so you don’t wanna hold it with this I
little a flap here on the back. It should be held
like this and as you’ll see this end here is
diagonally down to the right like that so this is the way you wanna throw it
there is a way to make this I so that you could throw it with your
left hand I know there’s some lefties out there me included but I am able to throw this
with my right hand So, once your position at like this you
want to rotate it like a frisbee and it’s going to be thrown so that the model is spinning clockwise, just throw it like that.. I probably won’t catch you right now but Let me try to throw it Well, there you go! So just make sure your model is neat if it’s not coming back to you need to
practice on how to throw it Make sure the model is very flat and have fun with your Origami boomerang! Alright guys, thanks for watching.. be sure to SUBSCRIBE for further notification of my videos! (Subtitles by Rob’s World)

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