How To Make an Origami Book

How To Make an Origami Book

Hey guys! Today we got the origami book. Uh.. It’s a cool little mini book. It’s got 8 white pages on the inside. It’s got the cover and a spine. and uh… I can put it in my bookshelf over here. Maybe I’ll show you how to do that in another video but, for today we’re just going to focus on the book. So, you’re going to need a regular piece of paper. An origami piece of paper. We’re going to start by folding it in half. Open it up. And we’re going to fold it in half the other way. Open that back up. You’re going to take these and fold it to the center on each side. Okay, open this back up. You’re going to be making four more folds. So, what I like to do is take one of the ‘mountain’ folds and fold it to the next ‘mountain’ Open it up. It makes it a little easier to fold these That’ll crease. and fold that to the end. Open it up. And do the last side. Open that up. Now go to your white side. You’re going to fold these back in on themselves. Pick this up. And just… and complete the accordion or ‘zig-zag’… like that. So, what you’re going to do is fold it over like this. So, you have two points on each side. A flat side and a side that opens up. And you’re going to lay that down flat. Now you’ll notice there’s a faint fold line here What we’re going to be doing is folding this over halfway between that fold line and where you’re going to be folding. So, these two parts should be equal. So, this and this should be about equal. Now open that back up. Next thing we’re doing is taking this line and folding it over so it’s in line with here. Now you want to make sure that this fold and this fold come to a point come to a point right there. All you’re going to be doing is. creasing here. You don’t want to crease it all the way across. Open that up. See how that folds there? You’re going to do the same thing on the other side. So, bring this up. so this is in line with this line. This line and this line make a point. And then give it a nice crease on that one side. So, you’re going to open everything up. And you’ll notice there’s another ‘zig-zag’ pattern that you’ve just created. So, in the center of that you’re going to fold this back and pick this up and re-fold up your ‘zig-zag’. just to make sure everything is nice and crisp. so you have something that looks like that. So, you’re going to open this up. This is a little tricky but, you’re going to grab the first part here and you’re going to push on the end and you’re going to notice that wants to collapse on itself notice it wants to collapse on itself? Like that. okay. You’re going to take the next mountain fold push on the end and it will collapse on itself you’re going to take the next ‘mountain’ fold. Push on the end. And it’ll collapse. And… do the same thing for the end. So you have something that looks like that. Okay? So, now you’re going to have a little ‘L’ shape here. You’re going to take this long piece and fold it back towards yourself leaving just a little space in between
here make sure it’s a pretty good crease you can also turn it back and fold it on this side to make the crease just a little bit stronger. Then what you’re going to do. in the middle of these folds you’re going to open this up and allow these two sides to fold down now those two folds that you just did are going to allow this to come down and form a point so just give that a good crease there and you’ll see that, that came to a point. Like that. Okay? So, now what you’re going to do is, you’re going to take the side that splits open You’re going to push these out and allow this to fall back on itself. So, when you pop that open you’re just going to allow that to lay flat And, give it a crease there and give it a good crease there. So, it’ll look like that. That opens. The inside is white and flush So, then you’re going to turn it back over. And you’re going to do the exact same thing you just did. So, you’re going to open these up and allow this to fold back on itself. And give it a good crease again. this lays down flat give it a good crease Okay. You gotta to turn it back over again. Now if you imagine there’s a line in the center of this you’re going to be taking this fold and going half way between where you started and where that imaginary center line would be Then you’re going to take everything and fold it back on itself so it’s almost flush at the end And give it a good crease. Just like that. So, you started with that one. Then you folded this down. And it looks like that on the other side. So, now you can already see that it’s looking like a book. All you have to do is finish off by folding these back in and giving it a good crease. Now’d you notice I didn’t go right to the edge? I didn’t go right to the edge there. You want to leave a little bit of space and you’ll see why in a minute. so just fold these in so it looks like that You don’t want to go right into here. You want to leave a little bit of space so now you’re almost done. You’ll notice if I just left it like this these would keep popping up. Well, you don’t want that to happen. What you’re going to do. is take this bottom fold and allow it to curve over and catch under here So, now it wont open. And do the same thing on the other side. It’s a little tricky. Let that come over and fall into that part and you’re done. Okay. So, you’re going to fold this is half. To make it look a little more realistic just give it a little pinch here and push on the back. You’re going to be making the spine of the book. And there you go. You’re done. A nice little origami book for your bookshelf Okay, I hope you liked it and I’ll see you next time guys! Ciao!

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  1. dude you need to go slower and you keep moving the paper up where i can't see so dude just get a new video and redo it because i hate this

  2. I thought this was awesome. I dont see this as a waste. My kids love books. Now I can add some decoration to their rooms. ☺ Thank you. I did have to pause it a few times to catch up but I guess that's why we have videos. That way we can learn at our own pace.

  3. Guys, origami comes with the benefit of building patience. It has more than just the purpose of folding paper into shapes. It also helps you build eye/hand coordination and it helps you to discipline your mind. It helps you develop better ways to handle frustration, instead of resorting to taking it out in others, which some of you are failing at. So you must need to do more origami! 🙂 Lol. If you are worried about wasting paper as you learn, it is pretty customary to learn new shapes with scrap paper cut to appropriate sizes for practice and than move on to more expensive paper after you've become more adept at a new shape. This guys does a great job. If you don't want a challange and you just want a little book made if paper, I suggest scissors and glue.

  4. if you cannot do this, start with something simpler that covers different types of folds, but isn't super hard to make. or just watch the video front to back before attempting to see the instructions with a clear mind.

  5. tem um monte de noob, falando que essa porra é dificil, e sim, eu vim aq 5 anos dps (literalmente) só pra falar que vcs são tudo um bando de noob, e o origami não é dificil, é apenas demorado

  6. srry i made it yay but the cover is a tiny bit to big but im proud because when i was little i could not make this and i always got very frusterated

  7. Oh my goodness what a salty comments section… blaming the uploader when they're the ones who are horrible at origami. I was able to learn to fold this when I was 12, with a video that didn't even have a voiceover to explain it. It takes a lot of patience which a lot of you don't seem to have.

  8. Did he say go to the dark side? Luke…lol! Origami is a craft in one's inner nature. It can be a great art especially if you get to the making Tiger level.

  9. Wow- love your channel- the entire concept and execution- apt for our age! This ought to have more views and likes, I feel.

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