100 thoughts on “How to Make an Origami Bat

  1. One thing I love about Origami is that it can be done with about anything paperish and square. I like to do it in restaurants when I'm bored, it's funny to see the peoples' expressions when I turned the napkin into art lol I know that's not the point, I just wanted to say what I do.

  2. @katuni08
    I agree. Makes a good excuse not to tip. Rip and fold the receipt they gave you into an origami animal. They're so blown away and impressed they forget you didn't tip 😉

  3. 4 sum reason, when i try something by some random youtuber, i dont understand it, but when howcast does it i understand it

  4. lol.. lemme see how many origami things i learned from watching these great videos….. : Flapping origami bird….. Origami goldfish… origami bunny head (inflatable) and the bat… KEWL

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