How to Make an Ocean Distress Ink Background with Gerda Steiner Designs Clear Stamps

How to Make an Ocean Distress Ink Background with Gerda Steiner Designs Clear Stamps

Hello crafty friends! Its Jess from and today I have a card that’s pretty
clean and simple but features a cool watercolor background that’s created with some distress inks and water and I’m also using the Gerda Steiner Designs clear stamp set called Heavy Friends I’ll be featuring the whale from the
stamp set and also a sentiment I am taking my round mini foam distress ink blenders from Tim Holtz and
several colors of Distress Ink. I’m using Cracked Pistachio
Peacock Feathers and Salty Ocean I’m starting with peacock feathers in
the center and on the top I will add the Cracked Pistachio and the bottom I will add Salty Ocean For today’s card I wanted to incorporate
the cracked Pistachio green color I like that blue green as an ocean color
and it’s not one that I’ve got a chance to play with yet In the past I would usually use
tumbled glass peacock feathers and salty ocean but I wanted to try something a little bit
different as a color combination with the brand new Cracked Pistachio I think that I’m using some
mermaid lagoon at the bottom would have been a good idea too, but unfortunately I don’t have a mermaid
lagoon labeled in my drawer and so when I went to pick
colors salty ocean just kinda popped out at me in a way that mermaid lagoon doesn’t yet and so as I continue to
blend the colors on I wanted to leave the edges not as blended out like
a softer colors so I’m laying down heavy color in the center of the card and only a
little bit of color as it gets towards the edges. I just want to create a fadeaway effect and center most of the attention inside
the card. The panel that I’m working with is unsurprisingly a stitched rectangle panel cut with the Lawn Fawn stitched
rectangle die and I’m just using regular paper this is
not watercolor paper even though I’m going to be adding water and letting the distress ink
react with water. I took my mini mister and I sprayed it in my hand and then I’m
letting droplets fall out of my hand as I squeeze my hand. onto the paper. I know that Tim Holtz is coming out with
a new mister that will allow you to get several different kinds of spray from one mister
and I’m really excited about that because I think Ill be super fun with
techniques like this but for now I use what I have and so to
get big droplets I sprayed the water into my hand and let droplets drip
out and then to get some smaller droplets
I’m spraying it onto my fingers and then flicking my fingers onto the
paper and this will create the effect of him swimming in some water and I did find that this stays wet for a little bit longer here
on the just regular card stock and I probably should have dried it with a heat gun before I do my stamping but I’m going to be stamping the whale
and the bubbles onto the background paper mostly as a
reference so that I’ll know if the coloring is the way that I
like it around in like for instance that I happen to blue
or green or such showing and also to make sure
that the droplets that you see there where they where
the Distress Ink reacted with water that I had a sufficient amount of those based off a where the whale was so I
stamped the whale and the bubbles down but they did bleed just a touch because
the paper wasn’t completely dry yet. So I go in and dry the paper and I
try to see if it still OK or if the bleeding was a
little too much and I actually found that it was alright but you could neaten up
the edges of the bubbles with some it with some like with a Copic multiliner or a memento tuxedo black marker and for the whale I wasn’t worried as
much about having clean lines because I’m actually going to color in the whale on a
separate piece of paper fussy cutting it out and then adding it
on top with some foam tape for a little dimension. To color the whale
I’m starting by laying down a coat of W1 and as mentioned I’m going to be doing some fussy cutting so I’m not at all worried about getting
outside the lines and a really simple image to cut out so I think it’s worth it not to have to
fussy cut… I’m sorry not to have to color in the lines so I think it’s worth it to fussy cut I’m going to be using w3 and w5 to create the darker parts of the whale. I’m going to in this instance make the whale darker on the bottom My thought process there is that the
sunlight would be coming in from top of the ocean and so therefore the shadow
would be on his belly although I know that some whales are
lighter on their stomaches and in keeping with that I decided to
take a colorless blender and put some little
dots on his stomach. This is something that I’ve seen a lot
of others do and I know Nichol Magorick does it a lot and I really like the way that
it looks and I don’t like doing it to all my critters but wanted to give it a shot and let you see what that technique would look like. So I’m just placing the colorless blender as a dot and then I let it dry and I place the dots the same place
again and it just pushes the color out-of-the-way and leaves a little white. For the
bubbles I’m just taking a really light blue I think it’s a B60 and coloring in the bubbles
just a little bit so they stand out somewhat from the paper but I will also be adding glossy accents which will really make those bubbles pop.
I wanted to add the sentiment from the stamp set and I
wasn’t sure if I wanted to put it on a banner or if I wanted to stamp it directly
onto the background but I decided that I’d like to stamp it directly onto the
background because I don’t want to cover up any of the
interesting background that I created with the water droplets and so
this turned out to be a really clean simple card because sentiment is directly on. While there is two layers because I wind up layering this stitched rectangle a panel on solid cardstock and then on to the card base like I
normally do there’s no sort of embellishment layers and I wanted to make sure that there was enough interest to the card and even though there wasn’t a lot embellishment and so I take perfect pearls mist in blue and I spray that down onto the paper. When you use the perfect pros mister I recommend making sure that it’s completely mixed in. The sparkle is on the bottom sand so you turn the bottle over and make sure none of the sparkle powder is sitting on the bottom. But also be sure to hold the bottle at least six inches from your
paper. If you hold it tooclose you’re gonna get really concentrated areas of color and that might be a look you’re going for sometimes but if you’re trying to sort of give an overall mist of sparkle then six inches to 12 inches is probably
good. And what I love about my Ranger craft sheet here is that with the distress inks with the glimmer mist all of it I can apply right to the card and not have to worry about it because I can wipe it off in the end. For my glossy accents I put them in this a fine line bottle and I’m gonna leave a
link to this bottle because I actually like the way that it worked out I wanted orginally to take the cap
off and just put it on my Glossy accents bottle but it did not fit so instead I just took my glossy accents
and squeezed them out into this bottle and while I lost a little
bit of glossy accents. It was totally worth it because I can get these
little tiny bits of glossy accents And so once I had that i’m gonna set it
aside to dry and that’ll be it for my card today. If you like this video please give it a
thumbs up. If you’re interested in more crafty videos. You can always subscribe to my channel I’m gonna leave links to the products in the video description below and to the Gerda Steiner Designs web site where you can pick up this clear stamp set Thanks for watching! Bye!

14 thoughts on “How to Make an Ocean Distress Ink Background with Gerda Steiner Designs Clear Stamps

  1. You did a great job with the distress ink background. I love the bubble look you got from the water droplets. Great job!

  2. Really cool ocean look and I love the thick water drop look!! And the little bubbles coming from the whale. Great job!

  3. Lovely card! I just started to make cards and I wanted to know if in order to do distress ink backgrounds, do you have to use watercolor paper?

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