How to Make an Ice Boat | Sophie’s World

How to Make an Ice Boat | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
are you looking for something fun to do outdoors on one of these hot days how
about making an ice boat and having a little race I’m gonna show you how to
make one right now for this project you will need aluminum foil paper cup straw
paper and markers scissors you can also make it with a small plastic cup plastic
lid a ballpoint pen water an exacto knife so we’re gonna start with the
plastic cup and we’ll do the paper cup at the same time so the first thing
you’re gonna need is a little bit of cold water and I’m actually gonna use my
plastic cup to fill my paper cup you want to fill it about halfway now let me
just tell you something that I discovered I thought I was going to be
really really fun and really really interesting and add food coloring to my
water because I thought that would make it really cool because it would would
die the ice and it would be really cool but here’s what happens
when we unveil these you’ll be able to see the food coloring goes to the center
it doesn’t stay throughout the entire water mixture it just like
sucks into the center which was an interesting thing to learn about ice but
anyway don’t waste your time putting food coloring into it just save your
coloring for the flags so the next thing I’m going to do here is I’m going to add
a straw and the straw is going to be my mast and so for my mast on my plastic
cup we’re gonna do is take my exacto knife and I’m just gonna cut a little
cut right in the middle like a little cut straight in the middle and then I’m
gonna turn it and make another cut going the opposite direction like like you get
when you get a drink Cup you know you have like a little X up in there I’m
gonna do that so I’ve got my X and then I just take my straw stick it on in and
you might use that ballpoint pen just to open it up and
then you stick that right in the center make it stand straight up and down and
then put that in the freezer and freeze it until it’s nice and hard and it’s
gonna look like this when it’s all done the other way is if you don’t have that
you’re just gonna need a little aluminum foil and you don’t need much just a
little piece to go over the top of your paper cup and in this case I’m just
gonna use my pen to pop a little hole right in the center and then I’m gonna
place this over my paper cup and gently move it to the center so it’s in the
center there and then I’m just gonna take my straw and place it in that hole
that I made and again put it in the freezer and let it chill usually
overnight is good now in the meantime I can make my flag so I’m just gonna cut a
piece of paper here just gonna make a cute little strip so I’m going to cut
this in half and I can fold it in half like this and just make triangle by
cutting from the middle all the way to the outer edge and that gives me a nice
big triangle and I can draw my little skull and crossbones on here if I want
to so I’m just gonna draw the beginning of a circle here so it’s almost a circle
but I don’t take it all the way it’s really like a little letter C see
there’s a letter C and then I just draw two lines down on either side and then
connect those and then I draw another line right directly underneath it with a
little space underneath it and just a half moon or like a little bowl and
give it some eyes and then if you just draw a little heart shape for the nose
there you go you got your skull and then for your crossbones just make
little lines on either side just like you’re making like you would make like
lines to go through it and then just make a loop up so you almost
make another letter C and another letter C or like you’re making a heart but
you’re not going to do the bottom part so just like you’re making a heart but
you don’t do the bottom part a heart without the bottom part and do that at
all four sides close off your bones and there you got your skull and crossbones
fold that down about half an inch and then just take your scissors and give it
a little snip at the bottom about a half inch up and a little snip at the top
about a half an inch down and that’s gonna be for our straw to stick through
so let’s check out what we got coming out of the again I said I
made a mistake here and that I put colouring in first thing you’re gonna do
is pop this off the top and this should pop right out if you just let it sit for
about two minutes three minutes but if it doesn’t you can use warm water and
just submerge it in the warm water for about 20 seconds and it’ll pop right out
like that let’s try it with the paper cup the thing I learned about the paper
cups is that you can tear away the paper cup but it’ll often leave a little
paper on the bottom so then you’re going to need to wipe the bottom off so I
prefer the plastic cups but if you can’t if all you’ve got if all you have is a
paper cup then you know you just wipe that paper off the bottom put
that in here for right now so like 20 seconds in the hot water will release it
then all you’re gonna do is cut off this extra and slip your little flag over top
open it up and stick one part through and the other part through so you
just slide it right on over there now this is where you can get into getting
your little races on so let me do this let me get a little tray and you pop out
your racer and pop out your other racer and on a hot day they can start racing
each other around the track now there you can see what I’ve talked about when
I talked about the color so it’s kind of cool it’s right in the middle there but
that was an awful lot of food coloring that I put in there and it really didn’t
color the whole water it just all went to the center which I find kind of
interesting now we could start making these go around like this or if you want
to you can take some cold water and you can float your boat now the fun thing
about this is if you do add the color it’s going to start to colorize the
water which that’s another experiment entirely on its own so you can see
making ice boats is actually really fun and a lot of ways to talk about science
in many many different ways why does ice float why does the coloring go to the
center why is my boat sinking so I want to make sure that I give a big shout out
to toddler approved for this very cute little ice boat and you can find that
link in my you made it I love it down below just click on the link and
it’ll take you right to these little ice boats I hope you have fun with them
outdoors because it is getting hot and you want to cool down
check us out for more fun ideas at and if you like
this little post give us a thumbs up and if you try it and you’ve got some
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