How to Make an Electric Boat – Homemade Hovercraft

How to Make an Electric Boat – Homemade Hovercraft

Place the motor on the tail of the hovercraft Place the switch and battery Connect the battery to the motor through switch Make this arrangement for the change in the direction of the hovercraft Half of the plate must be stay in the water Now band the plate to see the change of the direction

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  1. Hovercraft?……I don't think so. A hovercraft runs on a cushion of air, trapped below the craft buy a flexible skirt. This is a simple airboat.

  2. An advanced idea would be to use a small phone motor to control a small metal to change the direction. I love this, nice video man!

  3. Это aero boat (аэрокатер), а не hovercraft (судно на воздушной подушке)

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