How to Make an Easy Origami Turkey for Thanksgiving (Difficulty 3/10)

How to Make an Easy Origami Turkey for Thanksgiving (Difficulty 3/10)

Easy Origami Turkey Origami Turkey folding instructions:
Step 1: Cut a perfect square of paper. A link
to this decorative “turkey paper” is in the description. Step 2: Fold turkey in half so that no print
shows. Then, fold one layer back to reveal the print; Step 3: Fold that layer back again. Unfold. Step 4: Convert these folds into a regular
fan fold by folding one forward, one back, etc. Step 5: Flip the print side down. Fold one
corner 45 degrees, and then the other side. Step 6: Fold each side of the turkey in half,
diagonally. The fan fold ends will overlap. Leave a little bit of space along the middle
where the two sides meet. Step 7: Fold the origami turkey in half. You
must poke the fan fold ends through first so
they do not get bent. Step 8: Stand the turkey base up on the
table. Fold the pointiest part up 45 degrees.
Unfold. Flip. Refold. Unfold. Step 9: Do a reverse fold along those
creases. Push on it with your finger and pinch
the folds. It’s starting to look like a turkey now! Step 10: Fold the head of the turkey over at a
good spot, then unfold it. Do a reverse fold
and … voila, it looks like the head of a turkey. Step 11: At the tip of the turkey beak, do yet
another reverse fold, but just an itty bitty one.
Then color it red. This is the turkey waddle. Step 12: Draw an eye. Now, your origami turkey is finished just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! Step 13: Bring finished origami turkeys outside for glamour shots.

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  1. Sorry about that, Hannah. I think I am too impatient to watch myself do it at regular speed. People tend to pause it throughout. I'm getting better at gauging the speed without ending up with a super long video.

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