How to make an easy origami box.

How to make an easy origami box.

Hi guys, this is Toddler and Hett and today mere going to make an origami box This is what it must look like: Ok, let’s get started. Ok , so you have this . And then you fold the side again, and crease. Ok , now you unfold it out,pinch the centre. And you do it again You do it in half, not diagonally. Same again… Make sure you can see. So it should look a bit like this, there. Now, you get the corners :and fold them onto the centre line. And crease, with all 4 sides. And again, and again. So now, were about halfway through. Now you get both sides and put them into the middle, both sides (obviously.) And crease. With this side. Sorry my hands are blocking a bit, but yeah. Ok, now it looks like that. You get the folded ones like this, and get the corner and fold them into the middle. And again with the other side, so it’s symmetrical. There, now it should look like that. So, this is the slightly tricky part. Make sure you can see this bit. So you pull it in. Keep watching. Like that, then you fold over the edge. And crease, like that. And again. Like this,crease, put these down a bit. To make sure it looks… good And with all the four sides you just pinch fold, pinch fold. There we go, finished. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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