How to make an Easy Origami Box. Paper Box tutorial.

How to make an Easy Origami Box. Paper Box tutorial.

Hi, I’m Catherine, and here’s how to make one of these very easy origami boxes so, you just need a square of paper and we’ll get going My paper is 15cm or 6 inches square and the colour that you want on the outside needs to be folded on the inside here Now, the bottom edge is going to be up just above the crease at the top. You’ll see in just a little while. There. Now you fold the second slower edge up to meet the other one at the top Fold the corners up as far as they will go and keep the top level with that top edge See if you can get the creases nice and sharp It helps the box stay together at the end Now we’re folding over the top flap, and turn it over and do the same on the other side. We’re nearly done now, so just take you time and enjoy the rest of the folding. You should have 3 edges at the top which are all level now Put your thumbs in the middle and open it up from there. Now we’re just defining the ends a little bit and creasing on the corners. You can start by pinching them in and make a nice firm crease. An then make a crease at either end and you’re done! Well I hope yours worked out ok You can make the overlap as shallow or deep as you like and you can decorate them. A good time to do that is obviously when it’s still quite flat, and you can draw or write messages or whatever, Anyway, have fun and let me know how you get on. Bye! 🙂

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  1. I would love your feedback please! Do you like having an introduction or would you prefer to go straight into the video? for my next video I'm planning to start by showing the materials needed and then get on with the folding 🙂

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