How to Make an Easy Birdbath

How to Make an Easy Birdbath

How to Make an Easy Birdbath. Make your own birdbath and spend hours enjoying
the antics of birds in your yard. You will need 12-, 10-, and 8-inch diameter
clay flowerpots A saucer Acrylic paints Brushes Construction glue and brushes, stencils, or
stamps (optional) (optional). Step 1. Paint the outsides of the pots and the inside
and outside of the saucer. Step 2. Stack the pots upside-down on top of one another,
starting with the largest pot. For a higher birdbath, add additional flowerpots. Step 3. Place the saucer on top of your stem and glue
it to the stem with construction adhesive. The ideal water depth in a birdbath is about
two and a half inches. Step 4. Place your birdbath near a tree where it isn’t
too sunny or vulnerable to predators. Did you
know 90 percent of all extinct species are birds.

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  2. From what I've read mosquitoes need STILL water to lay their eggs. They sell products like the "Water Wiggler", it vibrates the water surface to discourage mosquitoes. There are many products similar to the wiggler.

  3. Also there is a product called "Mosquito Dunks" which are round donut-shaped products made to be dropped into small pools of water. Dunks release a larvicide which kills mosquito larvae. Personally a wiggler or similar product would be best because the SOUND of moving water attracts the birds best!

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  7. I have a $20 white plastic bird bath from true value for about 10 years now. it works fine. on some hot summer days I have to clean and refill twice a day. thousands of birds drink from it daily. also use old pots and 30 gal rubber horse water basins around the yard that the birds share with the deer, bears, coyotls, sqs., and other animals. always try to keep a rock or something so the lizards and insects can escape. with lakes drying up this is all they have this time of year when they need it

  8. good idea. however something else should be done for the top… I don't think the paint is a good idea… not good for the birds

  9. "90% of all extinct species are birds." That's strange considering all the mammals and lizards and lizard-like animals that have gone extinct, and the amphibians, and the insects and arthropods, and the molluscs and shrimps and fish and worms… and what about all the species of trilobites?

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