How to make an Art Portfolio. Simple easy folder making  design tutorial/ Art students

How to make an Art Portfolio. Simple easy folder making design tutorial/ Art students

Namaste friends welcome to my art channel. “Now you see art” Soo join me in making this art portfolio So the materials that is required is a chart paper. Scissors, glue – stick, pencil and a scale. Let us begin now. It is very easy to make. The file has to be slightly bigger than our A4 size paper. so here I am measuring and I am just assessing how big I want my file to be and now I am Marking the spine of the file The paper is folded, So that is why you will not see you’re not able to see the whole length and breadth of the chart paper. It is folded paper that you are seeing now, I am marking half an inch at the folded side of the paper and This is for making a spine. The spine is, the spine shows the thickness of the file So I am making quite a big Thick file as I am going to insert lot of drawings lot of art work of mine and Now I’m here showing you Here I am marking the length of the file the length of the file I am keeping as one feet or It is 12 inches And again as you see I am marking slightly bigger than the usual A4 size paper. I’m marking it on both the sides so that I cut it properly it should look even, It should look neat and clean. The presentation should be very good. So now I’m back with this a4 size paper and I have to mark the width of the files and the a4 size width is usually 8.25 and I am going to mark it 9 inches as I said before I’m making a slightly larger file. Because I have to take into consideration that I will be inserting my plastic files also and inside that Plastic files there will be my drawings. Now I have cut the file According to the dimensions measured. This is how it looks this Looks like a very simple File but the work is not yet done. I Need some kind of a holder So where I can place all my drawings where I can bind my drawings So here what I have done I have taken this piece of extra piece of this paper and I’m marking it in two and I am going to divide this into three parts and And then I’m going to cut the extra part of the paper I’m still marking. It takes time. I Have to be very precise the lines have to be very straight so here I am cutting the extra piece and now I will fold it but before folding it. I will crease on these lines I Can I will use a blade or, A scissor you can use whatever whichever it is easy for you But make sure that you don’t put too much pressure When you’re creasing the paper Otherwise the paper will tear so creasing helps in easy folding of the paper. You So it is done now, this looks like a fold holder and Now I have to make some Points or the holes, Where I can insert a thread to bind my sheets So what I have done again, I am using this plastic flap for my measurings measurements I Will mark these circles and I will punch them on all the two sides So now this is done Now paste it firmly on the folder So this art Portfolio, it’s the for beginners You can make it more elaborate file. You can make it with more Thicker spine the choice is yours. This is a very simple easy to make file that I am showing Then in these holes I am going I’m going to insert a thread and then it will bind my sheets of Flaps, plastic flaps So the file is ready And So from now on you will see what kind of drawings I will be inserting these are just tips You can improve as you go along with this video. We have come to the end of this tutorial Thanks for watching, friends, until next time Bye.

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