100 thoughts on “How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle – Easy Way

  1. A very clever invention but i wish you would tell me the instructions and what you need to build it 😆

  2. Can please tell me what type of material u have used on that metal ring????. And how volt battery u have used????🙄🙄

  3. Ye jo apne wire m blue colour ka kuch lagaya h vo Kya h net h ya koi plastic sheet
    Please tell me it's urgent to me to make this so please tell me
    Please please😫🙏🙏💓

  4. It's so funny how you guys say this guy is so smart hes so clever thats partly true but the thing is at the end he has this switch NO WHERE IN THE VIDEO IT SHOWS A SWITCH BUT AT THE END AND WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONNECT IT and then theres other white wires that come from like legit no where i know the switch is in the website but the switch he used is differnt and 1/3 works like fr thats just wow this isn't a hate comment but this is a comment that if you ever do another one make sure EVERYTHING is concluded

  5. I've been using a Dyson Ball for quite a while. As decent as it is, it is still bulky when doing stairs, and somewhat fragile with its flexible hoses in the base. The Tineco Pure One does everything the Dyson does, but is MUCH more agile and easier to use. The generous amount of attachments ensures you will never be without the right tool for whatever you need to clean. All the attachments connect easily, and detach at the press of a button. It is very powerful and it's smart suction feature adjusts the amount of power while you use it. If you need that extra boost of power, the max button will send the unit into full power immediately and so far…I havent found anything it wont pick up. Stairs are a total breeze, as are ceilings. The filters are easy to access, and the waste bin simple to dump. The unit comes with TWO batteries, and the charging dock will charge both at the same time.

    If you have any doubts this thing will work as advertised, forget them. It's agile, powerful, smart and comes with a 2 year warranty.

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  6. your idea is very good mr Navin but where do we get the net which you put it in the middle of the bottle but it was very good

  7. Sir we tried to make it but it failed, which battery u have used , it is not suctioning the dust it is needed for college project plz reply..

  8. Hi 👋 can you please state the procedure here, yes we saw the video but we need the explanation on how to make a vacuum cleaner. Thank you in advance

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