How to make a toy submarine

Hi guys, let’s make a toy submarine. Like this It is a battery powered underwater toy. The submarine goes underwater and thenfloatsback at regular interval. Take a plastic sheet. Draw two circles, divide each circle into 6 angular sections. Dimension are shown on the screen Cut the circle out. cut half across each line and using a knife cut 3 sections out as shown inthe video Now, heat up each blade using a small candle.Twist those approx. 10 to 15 degree. Here, the propeller is ready. Now, you need a small 3V DC motor and an empty refill heat the pipe and pull it to get a narrower pipe. cut the narrow section and check, it is tightly fitting with motor shaft glue this small piece of pipe with the propeller Take a small plastic bottle to make the body ofthe submarine, Cut the back side out cut the threaded neck part from a clod drinks bottle shape the back of the small plastic bottle and glue neck part as shown in the video take a small piece of straw or glue stick glue it on top of the body. glue a small cap on top of the green cap Take little M Seal and put it around the straw to make the sail area. Similarly put extra M-Seal to put on top of the cap to give it a round shape heat and bend an empty jell pen refill to make the periscope part cut the face of the blue cap of the bottle push the DC motor through the cap’s hole,facing the shaft outside put back the cap to the bottle apply enough hot glue to stick the motor withthe cap. Also close the front screw holes of the motor Now we will cut the two rudders and two stern planes from plastic sheets Glue the rudder perpendicularly and the stern planes horizontally put back the propeller in Now we will install this circuit board. Here is theschematic It is an astable multivibrator circuit, with turns onthe motors at regular interval (10 sec) put back the circuit with battery and the switchinto the bottle and close the cap two small sail planes and be attached to increase the weight, use some long screws,insulated using duct tape and insert it into thebottle. color the submarine with back fabric color draw some windows and let it dry put it in water. It should float straight like this. open the cap. switch on the circuit and close it back Now put it back to the water, When the propeller rotates, the submarine goesdown and then float back to the surface because ofbuoyancy See, its moving like a underwater flight Hope you liked it. make your own toy submarine thanks for watching

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