How to Make a Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

How to Make a Toilet Roll tube Christmas Tree You will need:
Toilet roll tubes (the more you have, the bigger the Tree), Green Color, Brush, Hot Glue, Tree decorations. Depending on the color you are using, you may need to mix it with water. Now color all your toilet paper rolls except for 2. Leave 2 as they are. Now we need to glue all toilet roll tubes together. Count how much in total you have and calculate how many can go in each row. You will need one less in each row. Remember those 2 we didn’t color? We will use them to make a Trunk. Glue them together and to the rest of the “Tree”. And now for some decorations! We used some Christmas balls and paper clips to attach them. And some golden ribbon as a finishing touch. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to give us a like, and subscribe.

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