How to Make a TOADSTOOL with Polymer Clay

How to Make a TOADSTOOL with Polymer Clay

Hi there and welcome to today’s video. I’ve been poorly for the last week or two
so I thought it might be a good opportunity to re-edit an old video that I’ve been meaning
to do for some time. So I’m going to be making a toadstool and
for that I’ll need some red clay, some green clay, some kind of mustard clay and some cream. And with my cookie cutter, I’m just going
to cut out a green base. And then I’m going to create a trunk for my
toadstool and I’m just adding in some detail with my
needle tool. It’s always good to add some craft wire where
you can in terms of model making, so I’m using some here to attach the trunk to the base. And with the aid of my tiny cookie cutter
here, I’m going to make a couple of leaves, just for a nice bit of detail. And just attach those to the side. And I’m just going to add some more craft
wire to the top here. Now I’m going to bake the base, because I
think it’s better actually, it gives you just a little more flexibility when it comes to
adding the top, in case you make any mistakes, but, you know, at this point it’s entirely
up to you. I guess you could try and continue without baking, but, yeah, I’ve baked this
one. So I’m just going to flatten out some more
of the mustard clay. And again, going around adding some detail with my needle tool. You won’t actually se this bit too much, but
I think it’s always nice to add some detail where you can. And moving on to the top of the toadstool,
just on the red clay here, again I’m stretching it out and making sure it’s going to be larger
than the mustard circle here. And once I’m happy with the sizes, I’m just
going to press the two together, and slightly pull over the red clay at the top, as you’ll
see I’m doing. And here we go, I’m just going to add the
two together. You could add some liquid Fimo here too if
you wanted to, just for some added security. And now moving on to the cream clay, I’m just
going to be adding some little dots to the top. If you’re new to my channel, I’m Lizzie and
I’m a polymer clay artist and illustrator, and I’ve recently begun to pay a lot more
attention to my YouTube channel, so I’m hoping to upload a fair few videos throughout 2019
and beyond. So here we go, that’s all done and before
I bake this, I have the opportunity, if I want to, to add in a little bit of craft wire,
if I wanted to add maybe a little character on top afterwards, so there’s something nice
and solid for it to secure to. I’m going to bake my toadstool now, and for
this you’ll need to refer to your own brand of polymer clay’s baking instructions. Now the toadstool’s all nicely baked and cooled,
I’m going to use some Sculpey glaze across the top of the toadstool as I think it adds
a really nice pop to the red and the cream area here. So I’m just going to paint on fairly liberally,
and I always use two coats of Sculpey glaze, just in case I miss any areas, it’s easy to
do. And there we have our completed toadstool. I’ll see you soon. Bye bye!

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  1. Not sure why it's blurry here and there – hopefully it'll be resolved in a day or two once it's gone through YouTube's infamous processing machine 😜

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