How to make a TinkerBell in clay || Tinker Bell DIY

How to make a TinkerBell in clay || Tinker Bell DIY

Hello crafty hearts let’s make Tinkerbell out of clay hello crafty hearts hope you all are fine I am your Crafty 3 welcome to crafty threes channel videos every Friday by kids Hi crafties, Come let us play Who am I !!! I have both positive and negative powers in me I think it’s a superhero’s it should be a generator it has power I am very transparent is that water no it might be a lightning Wrong Guesses, clue three you wear me hey I guessed it it is spectacle that’s right glasses have power and are transparent hope our crafty hearts guessed it too Who am I, I am Spectacle Thank you for subscribing and being part of a crafty family My dear viewers please click on the subscribe button and join our celebration every Friday Come everyone, let us play your favorite game. Who am I I am very punctual Crafty 2 has made me Twice I am at every house and show time hope you have guessed it right let me tell you the answer Who am I, I am a clock congratulations if you have guessed it Viewers please subscribe and join our Crafty Fun Come on crafty hearts, let us go for one more round of Who am I Clue one
I am always cool and Icy Clue 2 I am in your house clue three I give a long life to vegetables come on fast have you guessed it Who am I I’m a refrigerator Riddle time, let’s play with our Crafties what tastes better than its smells medicines tastes bitter than it smells the question is better not bitter Have you guessed it I taste with my tongue hey I think you answered is it Tongue? that’s right Tongue tastes better than it smells Wow good riddle I loved it viewers on the count of three hit the subscribe button One… Two…. Three thank you so much we love you crafty hearts Crafts by kids 100% entertainment guaranteed great applause for you all as we move to a Riddle what losses its head at morning and gets it back at night Have you guessed it It is a Pillow Now, what is the longest word in the dictionary check your Vocabulary, have you guessed it ? it is SmileS because there is a mile between each ‘S’ applause if you have found it come on let us go on for one more round of Riddle what word become shorter when you add
Two letters to it it is very easy you have you guessed it it is short. …okay what has four eyes but cannot see !! think about the letter I Mississippi it has four eyes, yes the letter I let us welcome our crafties crafty Two tell me a proverb a stitch in time saves Nine yeah a timely effort that will prevent more work later that’s right let our efforts be timely Do you know haste makes waste yeah hasty decision may cause mistakes yeah that’s right slow and steady wins
the race good one proverb for a proverb we are always study we will win Air Dry clay is very easy to make you don’t have to bake it or put it in the oven all you do is make your sculpture and leave it for a day and it will dry Maths concept do you know how 2 times 3 is calculated let’s add 2 three times we can also add 3 Two times repetitive addition is multiplication Try four times five also it’s adding 4 five times or adding 5 four times congratulations on your learning today viewers please subscribe and don’t miss the weekly fun crafty hearts applause for being part of our celebration Apply the concept to find 2 times 9 yeah add 2 nine times answer is 18 Try 4 times 3 Add 4 three times and you get 12 multiplication is repeated addition crafties what is multiplication ? I think you do addition again and again yeah it’s very easy to do addition if I need 5 times 6 I add 6 five times no I will add 5 six times both are right whichever is easy for you the answer is 30 both ways yeah that’s commutative property right multiplication is repeated addition and commutative Thanks for watching crafty Hearts

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