How to Make a Sock Puppet: Mermaid | DIY Puppets | Hobby Lobby®

Hi, I’m Tara with the Hobby Lobby Creative
Studio. You’ve seen sock monkeys around, but have
you ever seen a sock mermaid? Stick around, and I’ll show you how to make
one. You’ll just need one Rockford Red Heel sock
to make this mermaid. To start, turn the sock inside out and cut
off the heel and the toe. Then cut the sock in half. The top half will form the head and torso,
and the bottom half will form the tail. Now pin the corresponding templates to the
sock pieces… …and sew along the dotted lines. Stuff both pieces, and insert the torso into
the tail piece. The raw edge of the fabric will naturally
fold over, which is just what you want because you’ll place the arms in that fold later. Now, hand sew the pieces together. For the hair, we’re using long strands of
yarn, tied together with a separate strand. You can sew it on or just secure it with hot
glue. We used jewelry cord for the arms. It’s thick and sturdy, so it works great. Just place the arms inside the fold and sew
or glue them into place. Now it’s time to give this mermaid some
personality. We used buttons and sequins for the eyes,
added some shells and ribbon, and even gave her a little goldfish friend—you’ll find
these in the Papercrafting Department. But you can embellish any way you like. And just like that, this quirky mermaid is
done. Thanks for watching. See you next time here at the Hobby Lobby
Creative Studio!

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