How to Make a Santa Hat with Polymer Clay

How to Make a Santa Hat with Polymer Clay

Hi there. Today we’re going to make a easy little Santa
hat, that you can later add to a character. So, I’m just going to start off by rolling
some red clay into a loose hat shape, and take the end off so it’s nice and neat. Then, with a strip of white clay, I’m just
going to keep tapping at it with my medium sized ball tool, just to create a little bit
of texture really. And, once you’re done, what you’ll need to
do is just to wrap that around the hat at the bottom. And pat together at the ends, and make sure
it’s firmly attached to the red clay. And just to neaten things off, you can tap
it again with your ball tool. Get a little piece of craft wire, and I’m
just going to add some texture to the little white ball as well. And we’re pretty much done. I wouldn’t bake it just yet as it’s going
to be added to a character later. So, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye bye.

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