How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17

How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17

What’s up, Rob here, Man Vs. Pin, The show where we find awesome pins on Pinterest and put em to the test! Now, throughout the course of the series a bunch of you have been requesting this Sand Bowl Pin. However, things got serious the other week when Caroline and Lollipoper42 suggested it and.. More than 80 of you liked it up. I got the hint! I’ll get some sand, Pin-O-Meter, whaddya think? Really? So, I picked up some sand at the craft store, got a few different colors because I thought I would get fancy While there, I also picked up this fishbowl which I’m going to use as my mold I grabbed some plastic wrap, some wax paper, and some Elmer’s glue Now, the pin doesn’t necessarily give any kind of exact measurements, so I’m kinda on my own over here I’m adding some sand, adding some glue, stirring it all together, and just kinda..seeing what happens Now, I got a thickness of sand that I think may work, so the next step is to slowly drip it onto the bowl I started off with pouring a small base, and then slowly dripped it around the edges Which I learned, it’s not really dripping, it’s more like applying. Doesn’t really drip on that well, and it all kinda forms together Now within a couple minutes it had already dripped down and covered the entire thing, Which meant the mixture was too liquidy. If…that’s a word Alright, now we’ll do it for real I cleaned the bowl, added the plastic wrap, and made a new mix of sand This time, hopefully the right consistency And I applied it to the top of the bowl. Now this time around, I think we got it. The sand seems to be moving slow enough and dripping down enough to create some cool shapes A little drippy action here and there, but that’s to be expected. Let’s leave this alone to dry for a few hours and see what happens. *Record scratch.* Oh well what the *BLEEP* is THAT? Looks like somebody..threw up on the bowl Definitely looks nothing like the all. Sand glued to plastic wrap, glued to bowls.. More wax paper and…A *BLEEPING* mess Maybe it’s the sand?” I thought, so I got myself some more sand. A bit finer, a less coarse kinda sand. I mixed it up, and right from the beginning I could tell that this was going to be 1000X Better The consistency and the thickness was a total improvement, I applied it onto the bowl, and You know what, I think I may have cracked this thing. It’s looking pretty good I’m gonna let this dry for a few hours and see what comes of it Oh yeah, that looks *BLEEPING* AWESOME. Wow, I like how that turned out, that’s super..That’s super cool Yeah I..That’s great…Honestly, *BLEEP* it, moving on to the next step I covered it with another layer of plastic wrap and added the next layer of sand. Dripped it on and then let it dry Then came the next day, and..yeah. That’s totally..That’s TOTALLY been worth 3 *BLEEPING* days of my life Oh yeah, that’s nice. I can put some popcorn in there, serve it up at a party, Pfft, sandy *BLEEPING* popcorn: Check Now here’s the deal, the original bowl pinned was designed by an industrial design student Who kinda does this for a living. She’s got a studio and a business that specializes in practically just making these bowls So I’m thinking that this project might be a little bit more intense than just some Elmer’s Glue and some beach sand Whatever the process, good on her for figuring it out. If you’ve got a pin that you wanna see on the show, hit me up in the comments below And hey, do me a huge favor and hit that like button. We’ll see you back here next week.

100 thoughts on “How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17

  1. I think the sand bowl deserves a redemption video, since Rob has gotten so good at all things bowl 😂😂😂

  2. That fishbowl is criminally tiny (not to mention it's a bowl, which are awful on their own). I really hope no one actually buys those to put living things in them…

  3. it is possible to make sand bowl . it is so much fun and important thing is that it turned out so strong. i made bowls and plates with sand.

  4. Can you please make a god damn galaxy bowl with jolly ranchers and glitter or as you say herbys of craft supplies😂🤣😂😅

  5. Ive been trying to make a sandcastle that I can take home with me from the beach, can you guys trying making one with epoxy, elmers glue, cement or maybe plaster paris?

  6. Yo Rob I thought you were the "king of bowls" Moriah Elizabeth made a gummy bear bowl. Where are you at bro?

  7. He’s so freaking calm! I literally just came from the sugar bowl video where he was screaming and cursing up a storm and cutting himself on sharp sugar and burning himself on molten sugar but here he is just so freaking calm! That is not rob

  8. I love how calm Rob is in this video compared to the bowl video that came out today where he taped his thumbs down, drank a bunch of Zimas and vomited ramen. How times have changed

  9. The reaction when he came back and it looked like shit was hilarious. "What the fuck is that" so funny the way you said that Rob.

  10. Try a product called Sandmix. You’ll find it at a hardware store in building materials next to the concrete mix. Small bag is $2.50 and I bet you can add colors to it. Eat off it, store food…? That I do not know.

  11. OK I just read up a polyurethane is safe to use as a clear glass on the eighth interior of the bowl is long as it’s able to cure to its maturity… And as long as the finish will not be used for cutting or anything with an alcohol content to deteriorate like a thinner

  12. I liked the lacey look of a couple of the bowls but they were just too fragile.
    How about doing a glue test using various brands and types of glues to find out what they do and don't work with.
    For the sand bowl:
    Try placing the sand into the inside of a slightly larger bowl then push a smaller bowl into the sand/glue mixture to shape it and hold it in place as it dries.
    FYI, Elmer's is the absolute last glue I'd use for this project unless something else is going to seal and protect it..

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