How to make a quote book, Hand Lettering, Tombow, Fiskars paper trimmer, easy paper crafts

How to make a quote book, Hand Lettering, Tombow, Fiskars paper trimmer, easy paper crafts

Hello everyone, I’m Smitha from the blog Smiling
Colors and today I’m making an easy Quote Book to hand letter or journal in. March happens to be national craft month, and if you
are a paper crafter, or if you have ever been a paper craft in your life, you have a stash
of patterned paper and cardstock at home Today, I’m pulling papers from
my stash and putting together a special book in which I can write down some quotes and
motivational phrases. I’ve gathered a bunch of papers here- basically
this is a great project to use up left over bits and pieces of paper. I start by trimming paper down, and I’m adding
a little scalloped edge to each paper rectangle here. Now I want to add just a hint of color
to these, and I am using Tombows Dual brush pens for this- in color #850 and #491.
These are two really light colors, and I’m just going to color around
the 4 edges. These two might actually be the pantone colors of the year, I’m not sure, but they are pretty close. I just want to add a little bit of interest
and when you go in and a quote in there, the whole thing looks a little more special. Now, I’m going to repeat that process, I’m
trimming a piece of 6 by 6 inch cardstock into two and adding another border along the
bottom. Now I’m using Dual brush pens in 3 pinks,
in color no#723 #703 #743 Starting with the darkest color, I’m going
to color along the scallop, and then I’m adding another pink on top and finishing it off with
the lightest pink. Similarly, I’m using 3 blues here next, Dual
brush pen # 452 493 476 These look really cute and special and I am
sure some black lettering on this will contrast beautifully. These would also make awesome
gift tags don’t you think? So now we have these 4 pages ready, and now
for this shipping tag, I’m going to adhere it onto a patterned paper bit. I’m using Mono
permanenet adhseive runner – since its just paper on paper here. I’m positioning the shipping
tag towards the bottom here- because I am planning to use a large blinder clip in the
end to hold everything together and I want to make sure to leave enough room for that. I’m just trimming the excess tag off using
a pair of sharp non stick scissors. For this patterned paper card, I’m trimming
a 4 by 3 inch piece of white cardstock. That looked a little blah to me, so I added a touch
of color along the edges again it appears almost like a slight shadow. I’m reaching for the Mono permanent adhesive
again, and I wanted to point out that it has these ridges right over here, and thats where
your index finger should grasp the runner. I have many times held this runner upside
down and tried to apply the adhesive. It didnt happen while filming this video today thankfully,
but trust me it has happened before. So look for those ridges and keep that side of the
runner on top. The scrapbooker in me wanted to add a sticker
to this page, and so I did- this one says Believe in yourself and I will add a quote
to this page that matches it. Next, I’m cutting down some scrap teal cardstock
and I’m going to adhere them onto these pretty patterened papers. This will give me a nice
spot to practice my lettering in while keeping everything colorful. Now I’m just trimming a whole bunch of patterned
papers quickly- and some of these are solid in color and so I’m just adding it to the
pile. Some of them I’m keeping on hand so that I
can add some color onto. To do this- I’m scribbling colors onto my
blending palette here- I have chosen 6 colors in rainbow order, and I am slightly overlapping
the colors as I move on. I then mist the whole thing with a few spritz of water and then
quickly place my piece of paper onto the palette and quickly lift it off. I’m dabbing the little bit of brown I got
at the bottom and then I’m dabbing the whole thing dry with a paper towel. This technique
works best on watercolor paper but it turned out pretty cute on this patterned paper too.
After it dried, I adhered it onto another piece of cardstock and I actually already
lettered onto this one. You might have seen this video snippet on instagram. Now to finish off the book, I trimmed down
a few more papers, and I wanted to share these pens that I love to letter with- these fudeneseke
pens by tombow. I’m pretty sure I pronounced that wrong, but dont mind that, these pens
are amazing for lettering. And I am very very new to lettering but I know everyone recommends
these pens. To finish off my book, I am adding a colorful
paper and I will be adding a big binder clip on the top. you could also punch two holes
on top instead and add maybe ribbon or a binder ring to hold this notebook together. I’m using
the binder clips- because right now I’m thinking I might share these quote cards- maybe as
a gift tag or as a lunch note. I’m not totally sure yet. I might also add a few of these
into my Pocket scrapbooking album. And I can always go back and punch the holes and tie
this together at a later stage if I want to. You just choose what works best for you and
go with that. I love to make my books pretty- I am a book
nerd and I’m shiny letters right on top here that make me smile. With the letter Q here, I actually lost the
sticky back while I was getting it off the sheet in came in. Does that ever happen to
you? Anyways, I’m just adding some of the MONO permanent tape on the back of the letter
and it’s good once again. While sticking the letters down, I’m just
making sure that I’m able to lay the big binder clip on top flat- because I will have it in
that position when I carry this in my handbag. And I plan to carry this and just a pen everywhere-
so I have a place to practice my lettering while waiting for the kids classes to end.
There are so many ways you could use a book like this- it could be some place to jot down
your thoughts, your ideas or somewhere to journal. I love that this book is SO colorful and color
always makes me happy on a gloomy day, a busy day, a snowy day – well basically everyday. And here is quick look at all the pages. You
can see I have already added quotes to a few of them, just to give you an idea of how I’,
envisioning this book. I will be sharing more photos of each page as and when I get them
finished over on my instagram handle @theshinynest. But if you are looking for handlettering inspiration
be sure to follow @tombowusa their feed is amazing. Thank you so much for spending some crafting
time with me today and I hope this tutorial gives you some ideas for your own projects.
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  1. We love paper crafting! My daughter and I even make paper chains for holidays and all sorts of fun stuff with paper! I love your ideas!

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