How to Make a Penguin with Polymer Clay

How to Make a Penguin with Polymer Clay

Today I’m going to show you how to make a
little penguin character, and it’s really a follow on from yesterday’s tutorial, where
I made a little Santa hat, so you might want to watch that one as well.
So, to start off with, I’m just going to fashion a loose penguin shape out of some black clay,
and I’m just going to cut out some white clay for his chest.
And attach that to the body, and just pat it into place.
To make the beak, I’m just using some orange clay here, and shaping it into a loose beak
shape. And attach that.
And for the eyes, I’m just going to use some white clay, and some black pupils.
And as it’s cold outside, I’m giving him some little pink cheeks too.
And add some feet. I’m just going to cut out some shapes for
his wings, and attach those. He isn’t the neatest model because I’m working
at a weird angle but I’m sure you get the idea.
I’m going to pop some craft wire on his head so we can attach his little Santa hat.
This might be a great tutorial for children too, so you might want to exclude the craft
wire and perhaps make the character from plasticine. I’m just going to make a scarf and he’s ready
to bake, and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Bye bye.

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