How to Make a Penguin | Origami

How to Make a Penguin | Origami

These are the instructions for a origami penguin. First step for the origami penguin is to start
with a sheet of paper. We’re going to start with the white side up
and I’m going to go a diagonal fold. We’re going to fold the bottom corner up to
the top corner. So go ahead and make sure that it’s nice and
lined up, so it’s not just off to the side or it’s not just close, you want to be precise. You want to be right on there, just like this. Go ahead and slide your finger down and fold
it all the way to the side on that way and the other way. Then go ahead and open that guy back up and
next step is going to be a version of a kite fold. Now a kite fold normally would be where you
would take this edge and you’d fold it all the way into the middle, but what we’re going
to do it we’re going to fold it about halfway, instead of all the way. Okay, so what’s going to happen is when we
fold it over, you see how from this point right here, this white section? You want that to be about the exact same distance
as the black section or the colored section. So just like that, I’m going to fold that
over, so it’s close to a kite fold, but a kite fold we would’ve folded this all the
way in. This is just out about that far. You’re going to do that on one side, and then
also on the other, we want to make mirror images of each other, just like that. Okay, good. Next step we’re going to go ahead and flip
the penguin over and now we’re going to fold him in half from the left hand side over to
the right hand side. Go ahead and pick up the whole sheet and flip
the paper over and hopefully, you can find that same crease line that we made on the
first step. Go ahead and fold that back in the other direction. So I’m going to fold that over like that. Next we’re going to take this bottom corner
and we’re going to fold it up along this line. So go ahead and fold it where it lines up
so this edge is going to line up along itself. It’s going to line up on that own edge right
there. And make sure that it sticks out enough, this
is the length of your tail, so if you want a really small tail, you can fold it where
it comes out a little bit. If you want a bigger tail, you could fold
it up a little bit farther. But right about here is good, for what I use. There we go. Now we’re going to open that up and instead
of having it be just a valley fold, we’re going to make what’s called an inside reverse
fold. So go ahead and open the model up to right
here and you’ll see that V right here. That peak is what we want to make mountain
folds out of, so go ahead and keep this crease. The left hand side crease will sort of already
be going in that direction, but the right hand side, it’s going to want to fold that
way. But we want to change the crease and fold
it back the opposite direction. So now we’re going to make the other side
as a mountain fold as well, and when we do that, you see when we refold the model back
down, we flatten it back down, what happens is this little triangle section has now been
pushed inside and it’s now coming out the other end. And you’ll see that little black tail stick
out right there. Great, next we’re going to make the head. So go ahead and take a little bit of the paper
and fold it over enough where you have a beak for where you want the head to stick out from
the penguin. We’re going to do the exact same thing. We’re going to make a reverse fold. This one’s called an outside reverse fold,
where when you open it up, we’re going to bring this forward, so that when it re-collapses,
the head is now completely colored and it’s covering on both sides. So I’ll show you that one more time. Instead of just folding it over like this,
we open it up and we find that V again, and we make both of them pinch this direction,
and when you do that it’ll fall back together when you flatten it in half, and that makes
the point. Now for the penguin to make the beak less
pointy, you can fold in just a little bit of paper like that or if you want you could
even have a pleat fold right here, where you go back and forth and that it’ll make it even
more prominent of a little beak. And you can open it up and then move that,
you can zigzag that forward and back, and that gives you a little beak right there for
the penguin. Another thing you can do if you’d like is
you can make little flippers here. Like to fold these out, and then fold them
back down, make a little pleat fold right like that, it sort of gives him little arms
or wings. And the same thing on this side, sort of to
however you think it looks good. You can shape him to taste and that is an
origami penguin.

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  1. I make it😃😃😃but only with wite bondpaper but by the way thank you very much liking the vid and I sub too

  2. I like the video.

    BUT STOP CHANGING THE DAMN CAMERA ANGLE! It's like a drawing video, you can't change the damn camera angle every time he says something!

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