How to Make a Pencil Pouch Notebook | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Pencil Pouch Notebook | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
now how many times have you been heading to class and you’re like oh I don’t have
a pen or pencil well I have a solution for you I have a notebook that has a
pouch with a pencil keeper right in front I’m going to show you how to make
it right now for this project you’ll need a notebook a zipper duct tape an
exacto knife or box cutter a work surface and scissors it’s going to be
very important that you get a zipper that is as long as your book and so
whatever book you’re using whatever notebook you’re using you want to just
make sure that you have a zipper that is long enough first thing you’re gonna do
is take your zipper and we’re going to take some duct tape I’m going to use my
zipper as my measuring device here so I’m going to go from one end to the
other end use my exacto knife here actually box cutter I actually more fond
of box cutters exactly knives to tell you the truth I think because I can make
that blade go in and out so safety wise I I prefer these what I’m going to do
next is I’m going to take my zipper and flip it over and you can see where that
line is I want to take my duct tape line it up underneath the line of the zipper
I don’t want to go over the zipper or on to the zipper I want to be under Neath
it or in this case there we go over top see how the zipper has free rein here
that’s important and then you want to just kind of rub it down and do the same
thing with the bottom and give it a good rub on both sides and
then flip it over and we’re gonna lock in our zipper by folding this piece up
again to right below the zipper and we’re just gonna lock this in we’re
gonna do it so that we fold this up right underneath the zipper but not on
to the zipper and lock it in now what we’re going to do is we are going to
create the sides and so we’re going to be using basically two pieces of tape on
either side now make sure when you do this that you are overlapping by at
least a quarter to half an inch it’s about a pinky width is what I always do
okay I’m gonna measure here just see how I’m doing I’m pretty good here so I’m
gonna flip this over oops see that’s why you want to make
sure you get a nice good overlap there so that when you pick it up it’s going
to stay together pick it up flip it over I’m gonna seal
the back now what I want to do on the side pieces here is I want to actually
take this and put it half on half off and half on half off on the other side flip it over and this is where it’s
gonna be really important to have my notebook because I want to make sure
that I get this to be exactly the right size so I figure out where the middle is
and then I’m going to fold up my tape so they’re the lines up with my notebook there we go so that should be just about
right there we go now our top we’re gonna trim a little bit off of here
that’s why we have our scissors I’m just going to trim a little bit about a half
an inch then we’re going to take a strip of tape and put it straight across the
top place this underneath the zipper flapper
there there we go and it’s okay that I have a little extra
here because I’m gonna actually hold that over and back so take your top
piece here line it up right where the wires are and rub and lift this up and
fold these little edges over now we’re going to come back with strips of tape
and seal our sides and seal our bottom lay this right underneath the bottom of
the zipper sure this is lined up as nicely as you can put that along the
bottom flip it over and just a little bit of extra on the bottom here I’m
going to actually trim this off because I want to fold all of this extra up I
don’t want to end up with that ceiling its side there so what I’m going to do
is just trim that and fold this up like that now let’s seal our sides going as
far up to the edge there as I can half on half off flip this over and seal
it any little extra I can just cut right off and do the same thing on the other
side and now I’m ready to fill it so just open up my zipper and put my pins
in and there you have it your very own pencil case notebook so that you are
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