How to make a paper Vase (Dancing Vase, by Tadashi Mori)

How to make a paper Vase (Dancing Vase, by Tadashi Mori)

Hello there everybody! I’m Tadashi Mori and in this video here I’ll show you how to make the origami Dancing Vase. It’s my own design and it’s quite simple to make it. Now, this one is made with one square sheet of paper, no cuts, no glue. As you can see it’s a little bit open. But this is a traditional origami. One square sheet of paper, no cuts, no glue. We just need extra tools to make the curves. Now, let me open the model, so you can understand the general shape of the origami. So, it’s just like this. The ideia is quite simple. You just have to make the folds along these curves. Now, the last thing I need to explain before I make this tutorial is that I had to cut the paper and I had to use glue. And that’s the best way to make the perfect vase. So, let’s start! To make the origami you’re going to use one square sheet of paper and a thick paper would work better. And you need a circle, with the diameter about the same size of the side of the square. You’re not going to use the whole circle. So, in this case, I’ll just cut. You don’t need to cut, but it’s easier to handle a small piece of paper than the whole circle. So, about this size is okay and you’re going to use just this side of the paper. But it will be easier if you use something harder. So, for this tutorial I will use this plate. As you can see, the size is about the same. You’ll also need a knife. You’re just going to use the back side of the knife. And working with the piece of paper we require you to be way more careful. But still it’s not hard to work with the paper. One more point, you can use a knife, like this one, but if it’s your first time making the origami I would recommend you to use a pen. So, it’s going to be easier to see the folds and after you learn how to make it you can go with the knife. The problem with the pen, of course, is that it’s going to leave these marks inside the vase. You also need a ruler. You also need glue, scisors and something heavy to put inside the vase like coins, aquarium stones or piece of scented candles, giving the origami roses also a good smell. Now, let’s fold! So, take the square sheet of paper. The size of the vase will be about 7/8 of this side of the paper. Start by folding this side in half. But you’re just going to pinch here. Try not to make the fold too big, just enough for you to see. And do the same thing here, on the other side. Now, you’re going to fold this side of the paper up to this mark on both sides. And again, just going to pinch this side. Now, you’re going to fold this side of the paper up to the last fold we just made. But, this time, you’re going to fold the whole paper. Now, hold the model in this direction and you’re going to fold making this point here go up to this line. But, again, you’re just going to pinch here this side of the paper. Here and also on the other side. Now, take the ruler and make a mark from this point to this point. But make this mark really, really lightly. So, you can’t see the line from the other side of the paper. Now, hold the paper in this position and we’re going to divide the paper in 8 parts, in this direction. But, you’re only going to mark the key points where these lines crosses the previous lines. So, hold the paper in this direction, fold the paper in half and just pinch this side of the paper. Again, we wanna make this fold as small as possible. do the same thing here on the other side, but you can fold all the way up to this line. Now, fold this side of the paper up to the mark we just made. Make this point go up to this point. And again, we’re just going to pinch this side and fold this side up to the first line. Now, do the same thing here on the other side and we are going to do the same thing now dividing each of these divisions in half, one more time. So, fold this side of the paper up to the first line. And keep doing the same thing, dividing each division in half. And at this point you should have these marks. Now, using the ruler again, you’re going to align here this point with the bottom line and make a small mark here, in the middle. And keep doing the same thing to all these marks. For the next step, you’ll use the round piece of paper and you’re going to align this side of the circle like this, with this point and this point, at the same time. And carefully, make this mark. Now, on the bottom part make the mark to the other direction. Like this. For the next line you’re going to make in the opposing direction. So, start by making it to the right and the bottom part to the left. And the model will look like this. And the lines should look like this. For the next lines I’m going to use the plate, so I can do it faster. So, again, make here the fold first, to the left and then to the right. and keep doing this, one by one, always alternating the direction. Now, the model should look like this and there are 2 lines missing. One here and one here. So, don’t forget to make the last 2 lines. Now, you’re going to find here, the middle point of these 2 points. So, fold the paper like this and pinch this side making a small mark. Now, you’re going to make a fold form this point here up to this point here, along this line. And the model will look like this. Now, keep making the mark on all divisions. And in the end the model will look like this. Now, carefully, you’re going to make a valley fold long all the lines. So, carefully, fold along the marks and while you make these folds, the paper will make a curve, naturally it’s going to make a curve, like this. And the model will look like this. Keep doing the same thing along all the lines. And the model should look like this. If you close the model right now you can see that, you can see that it’s not really hard to make the final shape. At this point, if you don’t want to use glue and scissors, you just have to adjust here the folds, in this position. And fold here a small part of the top of the vase. So that these layers stay together. Just make a small fold to inside, on the top part and the layers will get locked. Now, let’s see how to make it with glue and scissors. First, you’re going to cut here, along this line and I will leave a small gap just to guarantee that I will not cut too much. Of course, it’s better to cut as close as possible but, as you can see, I’ll leave a small gap, like this. The bottom part I’ll cut exactly along the line, because there is no problem even if I cut too much. On the other side, you’re going to cut this small part here, and this side here you can cut a little bit more to make it easier to glue. And this part here is going to be hidden, so there is no problem even if you cut a little bit more, like this. Now, you’re just going to glue here making this part glue in this part here. So, i will carefully, pass some glue spread along this layer, and glue here, on the other side aligning all the lines. Try to make it as perfectly as possible, so, you can’t see any gap in the end. After you glue it, just take the scissors and cut here the excess. Now, in the last part, we’re going to make the bottom of the vase. Pay attention here and make a mountain fold along this line and a valley fold along this line. So, always in this direction. Now, make all the folds at the same time and the model should look like this. Now, just press the top part and the model is done. Now, put the piece of scented candles, so the vase is going to be more stable and have a good smell. Now, you can try to make it with the back part of a knife so you don’t have to see all the lines inside the vase. In my page you also find the tutorial for the Pentagon Rose by Naomiki Sato, the link for the tutorial is in the video description. And if you prefer an easier one you can see the rose by Jo Nakashima. If you liked this video, please, don’t forget to click on the ”Like” button and to subscribe in my channel. It really, really helps me. And if you want to help even more you can go to and become a Patreon. The link is also in the video description. That’s it! Thanks a lot for watching this video! See you! Bye bye!

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  3. This vase is very stylish and classy. Thank You for creating the tutorial. I am inspired to create it. Do you sell the pattern? I would like to print it, score the lines and fold. Thank You!!

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