How to Make a Paper Star Lantern : Adding Lights to a Paper Star Lantern

How to Make a Paper Star Lantern : Adding Lights to a Paper Star Lantern

Hi. I’m Melina and welcome to Expert Village.
Today we’re going to learn how to make a paper star lantern. In this next step, we’re going
to add lights to our star. So basically what you want to do is, you want get a string of
Christmas lights. And they sell them usually at the dollar store. You can get one that
only has ten lights on it. And you want to go ahead and put the lights inside of your
star. And if you have a small one with ten lights, it should all fit perfectly. You can
also use a singular light bulb hanging down. But since most people have Christmas lights
lying around, or in the garage hopefully, this is a good way to go ahead and light your
star. And now your star is complete and ready for hanging. This also makes a really great
Christmas topper if you don’t have a top to your Christmas tree. The nice thing about
using the Christmas lights is that you have different pockets of light all around the
star. And you can also use different color lights. You don’t have to use white. You can
use any color you want, or multi-colored.

34 thoughts on “How to Make a Paper Star Lantern : Adding Lights to a Paper Star Lantern

  1. i wish you guys would put which part of the whole it is in the title–it's hard to figure out which comes next. but nice project, thanks.

  2. i loved this idea but whatif the star burns out because its paper and if the lights are on for a long time the paper star will burn and fire will start coming
    just for safety i wouldnt keep the lights on a long time if i were u people…..
    ~safety manegement!
    i am not the safety managment i just wrote that lolz!

  3. I really enjoyed the videos, however it would have been easier to watch them if you numbered the videos. Otherwise it was a great project. Thanks Melina!

  4. Ok I watched all of the videos to make this star…Turned out great!! I do agree tho that the videos are scattered and I found myself searchingfor each one…

  5. it is a very pretty star!!!! except i got really confused, i am surprised i got all the steps in order all i did was click random ones………. ha ha it's kind of funny!!!!

  6. Can anyone who has done this project and was successful , put the videos to make this awesome lantern jn order ? Please !!!!!

  7. Seriously, these videos were really great for the most part but WTF, I'm so frustrated about the parts that weren't so great. Like first of all the fact that I had to skip around to find which video was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. SO FUCKING CONFUSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, at the ending of making the star how do you put in the fifth point!? And where the hell did that slit at the bottom come from!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally skipped a part. I would like to know how to do it correctly please

  8. yes the order of the videos. and next time ill just order them on line for $15.00 ea. cause either shes leaving steps out or im super slow cause these are hard! but thanks anyway Malina

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