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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
you know paper plates make a great base for arts and craft projects people just
love them they come in all different colors you can make them into all
different kinds of things so today I’m gonna teach you how to make a paper
plate snowman really fun really easy and you can make them any way you want I’m
gonna show you how right now for this project you will need a white paper
plate googly eyes orange plastic knife black pony beads pipe cleaners ribbons
one-and-a-half inch wide or wider large pom-poms or puffballs scissors and hot
glue now remember you can be doing this with anything that you have that you
want to be using but I’ve got these googly eyes so I’m gonna give him some
googly eyes right in the center and I was lucky enough to have some of these
orange knives left over from an event that I did and I got these at Dollar
Tree and so they’re really super easy to cut just like that and they make a great
nose don’t you think I’m just gonna use a little bit of hot glue here put it right
in the center and then of course we’ve got to have those little coal little
rock mouth so I’m just gonna go bloot bloot put a bunch of glue and
then I’m gonna take my black pony beads and just pop them on here there we go and
you could stop right there if you want to but I think I’m going to make mine
just a little bit more dapper and give him a fabulous little bow tie so I’m
gonna cut about oh six inches here fold my strip over to the halfway mark just
to add a little bit of glue be very careful because of course this is hot
glue and fabric which means it could be warm
I’m just gonna make a loop by gluing end to end there center and then fold up in
the center and down on the outsides to make a little bow tie now to keep it
together I’m gonna cut a little bit of ribbon
here put a little drop right on the bottom fold it over and glue in the back there we go and that’ll hold it together
and make a cute little bow tie I’m just gonna glue that right to the bottom and
now it is awfully cold outside so I’m going to give him a pair of ear muffins
so I’m gonna take my pipe cleaner and fold it up and over put a drop of glue
here and a drop of glue here place that there there and now I’m gonna give it a
little bit more glue on either side so that I can put my pom-pom so he can have ear muffins there he goes now he’s ready for the cold and everything that
it might bring and there you have it your very own paper plate snowman nice
thing about him is you know he’s not gonna melt away for more great ideas
check us out

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