How To Make A Paper Origami Bat

How To Make A Paper Origami Bat

I use 20x20cm paper You will need a pair of scissors and a marker Start by folding paper in triangle Fold once more Take bottom part of paper and fold it almost to the tip of top corner as shown Fold top corner downwards Fold in middle Fold right wing of bat as shown Repeat same steps for other wing Make small fold to left wing Repeat for other wing Create fold on left part as shown Repeat for the other side Unfold top part so we create the ears for the bat With your scissors cut paper in the middle as shown Fold the two parts we just created with our scissors With your marker create eyes and mouth for your bat That’s it!! Your bat is ready!!

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  1. Waooooooo , finally I made my bat 🦇 thanks to u dear for using white paper…. as i have watched so many videos today and tried to make my bat …. but finally after watching this video i done ✅ it 👍 thank u athank u and thank u

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