How to Make a Paper Butterfly | Quick and Easy DIY Summer Craft Project | The Magic Crafter

How to Make a Paper Butterfly | Quick and Easy DIY Summer Craft Project | The Magic Crafter

“The Magic Crafter” Hi guys! Today I’m going to be teaching you how to make some cute little paper butterflies. They are super inexpensive to make, really easy, and they don’t require very many materials. You can whip off a ton of them in like… 10 minutes! So… Without further adieu, let us begin the butterfly making process. To bring these butterflies to life, you only need a few materials. First, you are going to need 2 black fluffy pipe-cleaners… or white! White looks good too! You are going to need a pair of scissors. And a pencil or a pen, or something else that is round and skinny like this. And also, some beautiful colored paper. Once you have all of your materials, we can get started. Now to begin the creation process!! Take one of your pieces of paper If it has a little bar-code strip on it, that’s great! You can use that as a guideline for your folds. If it doesn’t, you are going to want to measure out about a half inch straight line across your paper, to kind of guide where you are going to fold your… paper! We are going to fold it like an accordion, so start by folding over one of the edges of your paper. You are going to fold it underneath. And then, flip it over…. See where this line is here? You are going to measure up this fold to that line. It doesn’t have to be perfect! I am definitely not perfect at this! And… just fold it like that. 🙂 Then, flip it over to this side, and you are going to do the same thing. And as you can see, we are starting to get this accordion look. Keep on folding until you get to the end of your paper. Now that you have one piece of paper completely folded up like an accordion, just kind of run your finger over it a few times. You can go back and run over each each fold, just so that it has a nice crisp edge. Once you are done with this piece, you can just set it aside, and do the exact same thing with your other piece of paper. Now that you have two accordions made, you are going to pinch them in the middle, find where the middle is (approximately), and take the two edges that have the bar-code/label right here… You will now put those two sides together, though you could cut them off if you would like. Just for simplicity’s sake, I am going to leave the bar-codes on my paper butterfly. Now, decide which piece of paper you want on the top of your butterfly, and which you are going to want on the bottom. And for the bottom piece, you are going to are going to cut it a little bit shorter so that it doesn’t line up with the top piece. I think I want this grey one to be my bottom section, So I’m going to cut a little less than an inch off of each side of it. After you have the ends cut off of your bottom section, line the two sections up, so that their middles meet. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to get it pretty close. And take one of your pipe-cleaners, and wrap it around the two pieces to secure them together. And now, twist them at the bottom. Next, take your second pipe cleaner, and wind it through the top of this other pipe cleaner. Try to get it so that both side of the pipe cleaner are even in length. These are going to be the antennae of your butterfly. Now, give the antennae one or two twists. And you can either leave the antennae like this, OR! You can take your pencil, And wrap the antenna around the pencil. This will give it a cute little swirl. 🙂 And then you can shape it how you like. You can bend these however you would like. 🙂 I knid of like to keep mine in a heart shape, because I think that looks really cute! After that, you are all done with your butterfly. If you would like, you can stick another pipe-cleaner on the back, and you can use that to hang it on a wall, just like you would a picture frame. Or you can stick it on like… a door handle? OR like… wherever you want! So, now you have a cute butterfly craft, ready for Summer. 🙂 That’s all for today’s video guys! Thank you for watching! If you liked this video, please feel free to give it a “Thumbs Up,” and also, of course, you can share it with your friends too, if you’d like! That way, we can fill the world with butterflies, and magic, and happiness! **meow** Thanks again for watching, and have a magical day! I will see you next Wednesday!! Bye!! Did you try this crafting project? Tell me all about your experience in the comments below! “Click Here to Subscribe”

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  1. I'm so gonna make this for my moms birthday!!

    Edit: I have no clue how to get the paper!! She will notice it's for something!

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