How To Make A Paper Bird That Flaps its wings EASY!

How To Make A Paper Bird That Flaps its wings EASY!

Alright hey guys it’s evan from howtosbybros
today I’m gonna be showing you how to make a paper bird that flaps its wings, alright
so what your gonna do is for origami paper we need to make it square so fold this side
over. The wings flap on this so its pretty cool, alright your gonna do is fold that right
corner over so it aligns with the paper on the left side and your just gonna take this
excess piece of paper off, cause we don’t need it. Alright so we got that, you’re gonna
open it up and we’re gonna make a bunch of folds to make the next fold easier so you’re
gonna just fold this down like I just did get a good crease, alright so now you have
a diagonal line facing this way and you’ve got a line right there. So now you’re gonna
fold it over like that, just like that, alright get a good crease. So now you should have
uh, a line there, aline there and a line there now we’re gonna fold this side over like that,
alright this part is a little tricky, but you can do it. Alright what you’re gonna do
see this diamond right here so what you’re gonna do is open this side up a little, then
you’re just gonna let the folds go and push it in like that and then, you’re gonna flip
this side over like that, flip that over and do the same thing on this side right here.
Open it up, push it in and if it doesn’t want to cooperate just push that in there to the
edge right here thing push it in and flap the sides over like this. Just like that,
alright so now just fold it up and now we’re gonna take the bottom er you’re gonna take
this side right here and fold it from the bottom. Not from from this side but right
here, alright so see that if you cant see a crease fold it down like that os you know
where your folding it, and now you can see a pretty good crease right there so fold this
corner into the crease line. Alright fold that good do the same this right here with
the other corner and you’re gonna do it with all the other sides, so you’re gonna flip
it over and your gonna do the same thing from the bottom. Make sure it’s aligned with that
crease like that, now do the same thing with the other side. You’re gonna take this side,
and fold it over like that. And all these folds are gonna become undone because it helps
us with the next fold so, this is just helping you for the next fold. Fold that over and
then you wanna fold these backwards just like that just get them good, do the same thing
with the other sides… And do that, is that it? Alright so now we got all the sides folded
and what not. So you’re back to you’re original thing but now we have creases so now what
your gonna do is your gonna open this up and you’ll see it doesn’t really want to fold
this way but um just put your thumb there and try to go like that, so you’re from here
and then your gonna go just like that. Alright, flip it over same thing open this side up,
on this see this crease right here you’re gonna stop there and then use your thumbs
to get those creases moving creases folded you know stuff alright, get a good crease
there alright so now we got this, thing here with some legs and stuff. So what you’re gonna
do is your gonna go like this, like that just like that and then your gonna put this side
up to this crease right here you’re fold it up like that alright then your gonna fold
it in like this just let the creases do their work and stuff. And then um you’re gonna go
like this your gonna move it out until, this aligns with it. So right about there make
sure it’s good, see how it aligns now your gonna do the same exact thing on this side.
So you have this right here, flip it over to it’s side open it up. See that crease right
there fold it just like that, and then put it in. Just like that, the your just gonna
push it out just like you did till it aligns, you don’t want like that or too much like
that aligned like that! Alright, so now your gonna pick the head so im gonna use the right
side as the head so whatcha do for the head is simple open it up a little bit. And just,
you have it open it up bring it down and then close it on it. So you can make the head however
big you want it to be just like that so you have it like that and just close it up. Pretty
simple , so now you’ve got this now you’re gonna take the wings it down to bout, right
here probably good, flip it over now you have this right here so your just gonna use that
to align it, good. Right there now just put the wings up and then to stand it up, you
gonna see these creases right here. Do that just so it can stand up same thing on this
side. So you got it standing up just like that. And then to flap the wings your gonna
go like this, alright so flappin them up flying away you know how it goes um so it looks pretty
cool ya know. staying there chillin like a villian so uh yep, thats how to make a paper
bird that flaps the wings flap make sure to like comment and subscribe and uh seeya guys,
stick it in there good and there you go you got a nice paper ninja star and just hold

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  1. im crying because of you i failed it i scrunched my paper up and throw it away cause of you teach it to us a easy way its not fair to do that btw i think your on a laptop and watching a vid with mute and copying it but you cut the parts were you were watching the vid and then you said "then you do um fold it back then…" that was you you said um for no reason well there is a reason because you copied from a laptop btw stop lying if you do im going to be so mad at you like ill blow your house up with a biggest bomb ever you will see if i do it so dont lie to us and…;-; when you done with the vid you will scrunch the paper up if you do rip for the bird so dont do all this things its rude,disrespectful and cheating dont watch it from something because thats cheating make it your own of listening i said listen if you cry from this im sorry too but to tell you the last time DONT LIE OK OK OK? im going to blow up your house if you do and if you dont beleieve me i will oh and one more things your a freakin jurk ok now bye bye im gonna never see you again.

  2. I tried doing the part there’s no freaking way to do it give me more step-by-step easy slower to do it I watched it exactly 73 times and I still don’t know how to do it it doesn’t work

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