How to make a Paper Airplane Glider – Paper planes by Mahir Cave

How to make a Paper Airplane Glider – Paper planes by Mahir Cave

Hello guys. Thanks for watching my video. Today I’ll show you how to fold this far flying paper airplane I named it Cooper. I hope you like it. This is one of my difficult paper airplanes always remember to make both sides as
symmetric as possible and you will be amazed how far your paper airplane will
fly you you fold this corner to this point and hold
the corner with one hand and fold the other part with your other hand that’s
how you do it now put it together and what you do now
is you create a wizard online so you can see where to fold carefully folded from the tip because
that’s the important part and now you can bring your paper
together like this and what you do here is you lay this
line on the center line and then you lay this line also to the
center line and you can use the other line as orientation right here and you basically do this all the time
from now on could you make it perfect now we have
this one line here you see it you fold this one back the most important part
here is to smooth the paper to kill always and slowly do it so your just
right match the top part with this line of the
bottom part you you now carefully insert these parts into
the paper airplane and I say slowly because you don’t want
any cuts there at this point you have to fold the
paperback matching it on the same line and take the same spot on the center
line and repeat it with the other side and after that insert the tip right
there I hope you can see what I’m doing there all right we are coming to an end
now make sure to to match this point on this line and make you wing fold right
from there so first the tip then the one point and
there you go there has to be a little spaceport line
if there is then you made everything correctly congratulations you the last step for today’s paper plane is
folding the stabilizers and they have to touch this line while being parallel to
the centreline make sure to double-check it so your paper plane flies really
straight you

99 thoughts on “How to make a Paper Airplane Glider – Paper planes by Mahir Cave

  1. mahir I make almost all of the planes you made like karma , bossk and reaper but it doesn't win against my friends and when we challenge each other , sometime the wind blows so could you make a paper airplane that wins the challenges even when the wind blows . I am looking forward to it

  2. Hey there Mahir, good to see ya' again buddy,awesome paper airplane you've got there.Keep up the good standard and the good work.Cooper is brother laughed hysterically and thought that it could not fly. So i hastily threw it, and it went 4068430758935703875482752785678652-754788458948584375438584364786387065738561746578671308756738065565673654635706064065387630626578567856866573856650 meters!!!!!!!!great job mahir !!!!

  3. This paper plane's difficulty is rated level 4.
    Can't you build it? Try level 1 – easy paper planes:

  4. Too hard? Start with Level 1 →
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    ℹ You can find helpful tips and answers in the description.

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