How to make a Paper Airplane – BEST paper airplanes that FLY FAR – origami avion en papier

How to make a Paper Airplane – BEST paper airplanes that FLY FAR – origami avion en papier

Hey guys Thanks for watching my video! Today you’re going to learn how to make this wonderful, flying paper airplane. I named it the Linda paper airplane because recently I read a book I’m sure you will like it – since it flies amazingly. My apartment is about 30 feet wide. So not that big! But this paper airplane can surely fly like 100 feet. You will of course enjoy that if you watch the video until the end and fold precisely. Let’s start with the first step. As always fold the piece of paper in half. Fold it carefully because both sides should always be similar. If this video is going too fast for you I can recommend you pause the video after every fold. And of course what’s left to be said is play your music in the background and tell me what music you’re listening to. Because that’s something I’m really curious about. Basically all you do is you take a sheet of paper. Place it in front of you. Play this video. Pause the video after every fold and repeat the fold with your sheet of paper. Always check that both sides are similar. Just like this. Before I forget it Read the video description! Also in there are few tips you may find useful! Make sure to read them. Fold it to the center line. Repeat it with the other side. What you do next is you fold the paper in half from these two points. It’s not really in half. Just like this. Make sure both center lines match. Now that you made that line you can unfold your paper. Fold this part to the top and then repeat it with the other side. Fold this piece of paper back to the center line. This paper plane is similar to the Limbus paper airplane one of my hardest paper airplanes. Maybe that’s because the tutorial isn’t that good? Now that you have done this part you fold the paper in half again. Then you see this point? From this point you fold the paper back to the top. Make sure both central lines match. Make sure to check it! Turn your paper. You see this part? You have fold it to the center line. So just do that. Be careful because this step is really important. First the inside part, then the outside part. You fold it from the tip. As much as possible. Without cutting the paper. It should look like this. This is basically the hardest part. If you’re used to it – it’s not pretty hard. Repeat this step. Once you have done that we already are near to the end. If you’re new to this channel and like this video make sure to subscribe. Every Fridayay I’m uploading another tutorial teaching something just like this. There are many tutorials to come in the future. Make sure to stay subscribed. Now you fold this part – to the bottom part. What would you like to see next? As you know I’m remaking my other designs. The next video will be a remake Leave your comment and let me know what paper aeroplane I should rework. Give me feedback! Share this video with your friends. It is highly appreciated and I’m so thankful for it! Now you fold the stabilizers. They have to be parallel – to the top center line. Make sure to check if it’s really parallel. If it is – your paper airplane will fly amazingly straight That’s it for this week my dear friends. Please like and subscribe. I’m uploading a tutorial every Friday. Have fun with your paper aeroplane. Have a good day. See you next time! It looks really nice – doesn’t it? Every week I get a bunch of comments just as creative as my paper planes. Here they are. You are amazing! I love you guys – and your comments!

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  3. Do not build this mans plane! Took me 20 minutes and it flew about 15 feet! Lousy design lost me a contest! You’ve been warned!!

  4. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥BEST

  5. Exellent work and it flies very well. But you use green paper which do not let me see that what is happening. But other wise well done

  6. This is legit insane, my paper air plane did a 360 and continue to fly with rainbow colours, i love it, thank u so much

  7. How are there so many dislikes? The instructions are awesome, the plane is awesome, the accent is awesome. I'll have to watch it again to make another one, thanks a lot. By the way, instead of music, I listened to my five year old daughter ask ten million questions while trying to make one with me.

  8. Yeah during STEAM club I destroyed my friends by making this plane and my STEAM teacher was so impressed he took a picture of me with it and gave me a fricken trophy thx bro 😉

  9. 0- 6:30 me watching: "yes!, yes!! , yes!!. 6:30 precisely: "NO….,NO NO NO NO NÒOOOOOO" 6:30 After long pause: " GIVE ME MY FUCKING PLANE !"

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